Tips To Look After Yourself In The Workplace

April 30, 2020

Your workplace is supposed to be a safe space and that responsibility is something that’s shared between you and your colleagues but predominantly by your employer. It’s important you are doing your bit to ensure that you are kept safe and that your health is a priority. And if it isn’t, then you have the ability to change that. Here are some tips to look after yourself in the workplace.

Get A Workstation Assessment
First things first, if you haven’t had a workstation assessment or don’t get one on an annual basis, then it’s necessary to speak to HR or anyone who deals with the health and safety of the workplace. A workstation assessment is necessary because it can help you to ensure your surroundings where you work are safe and that it’s supporting you in whatever way it should be. For example, when you’re working at a desk, you want to make sure that the seat you’re on is supporting your body and that your desk, monitor and other equipment is all at the right level for you not to strain yourself in any way. This should be an extensive checklist that you fill in and have as evidence for yourself and also to have a copy for your HR department. It’s then up to your HR department or individual to make the necessary changes or adaptations to get your workstation up to the level it needs to be.

Have The Necessary Protective Equipment
As well as your workstation being assessed, your company should be providing you with any necessary protective equipment. You could be working in outdoor environments where music concerts are going on and you need to wear protective headphones to ensure you don’t damage your ears. There could be uniforms and equipment that you need to protect yourself when operating machinery. There’s a lot that you need in order to keep yourself safe and as an employer, it should be provided by them. If it’s not, then it’s definitely important to bring it up with your superiors. The last thing you want is hearing loss communication happening because your workplace didn’t provide you with the right protection.

Officially Report Concerns Or Problems
When there’s something wrong, whether it’s to do with you personally, your work area or the building, it should always be officially reported and logged. This is helpful not only for you but for the company you work for. If a company is working together to ensure the safety of the building is kept in check, then less colleagues are likely to become injured or experience problems in the workplace. Keep an eye out in the area around you and if you’re having any problems, always make it official so that the company has a log of it and that you’ve gone to the extent of putting it on the record.

Regular 1-2-1 Meetings With Your Manager
It’s important to have a good relationship with your manager because whenever you are going through something tough or having problems, it’s helpful to feel you can go to them. Try to build a relationship with your manager if you haven’t already got one and if you don’t do it already, have regular 1-2-1 meetings. This should ideally be set up by your manager, but you can take the step in recommending it. Having regular meetings can ensure you’re keeping them up to date with things that are going on and to also discuss any problems or issues that you might have within the working environment. Always try and make time for these meetings as they can be helpful to both your quality of work and your well being also.

Take Breaks Throughout The Day
Taking breaks is an absolute must when it comes to your working day because so many of us will have a working lunch and eat food at the desk. This is not giving yourself the opportunity to reset the brain and to relax. If you need to take breaks throughout the day, then do it. Get up from your desk every hour or so just to take a walk or make yourself a drink. Try to go for a full hour of lunch if you’re offered it as part of your working day.

Looking after yourself in the workplace is essential, especially when there might be times where the concern for your health and safety might not be supported as well from your employer. Use these tips to look after yourself and ensure you are keeping yourself safe.

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