pathway of hope in the COVID quarantine

April 13, 2020

caravan sonnet
flying like the birds and choosing the pathway of hope.

I have been loving the opportunity to explore and have adventures outdoors so close to home. If you have been following my story for years (click HERE to read more), then you know that even when I was extremely sick years ago, my parents would take me on drives (all propped up in the car with pillows, ice packs, anti-nausea meds, etc) close to our home. Even just a drive around the neighborhood to get me out of bed was their goal.

I learned a lot from that season of illness and "being sidelined" that has impacted my view of this current season, and one thing is to choose to look for inspiration and hope, especially on the days that seem extremely dark and overwhelming.

Getting outside and seeing nature has always been rejuvenating for me and it is the same now. After work in the afternoons I have loved having the opportunity to explore some places close to home (and with no one in sight) that I have never been to before. When I saw these driftwood pieces all lined up and the birds in the distance I was reminded to choose and create a pathway of hope in this season.

What are things/places that are inspiring you right now?

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