Squeezing Every Drop Of Meaning Out Of Life: Getting Happier Though You Think You’re Getting Weaker

April 13, 2020

There comes a point in our lives that we decide that we are going to get healthier. This means that usually we start running or we half-heartedly pick up a gym membership but when we get older and especially when we hit those milestones we can gradually get unhappier. And we may think that because we're getting unhealthier and there is nothing we can do about it. But as we get older and seemingly unhealthier what are the keys to ensure that we are improving our happiness?

Check Everything Is Okay In A Medical Sense
It's a good idea ear on occasion to get blood work done so you know that you are generally okay. It can be a wake-up call if the results don't come back the way you expect, but the benefit of doing this early on is that you can do something about it. It's also a good idea to check your senses. Go for hearing tests and eye tests once a year just to see if everything is okay. And if you may think that you are too young for hearing aids or you feel there is some sort of stigma associated with a hearing device or bifocal lenses, you have to remember that this is going to help you be happier. A lot of people feel that they worry about getting older because they have to wear stronger prescription glasses or they need to set themselves more reminders to take vitamins but when you go for these professional tests and have a check-up every now and again it will give you a far better indication of where you stand. If there are aspects of your health that could do with a bit more work, you have the time to fix these things before it is too late.

Setting Yourself New Goals
One of the most important things about getting happier as we get older is feeling good about the future. We might hit the point that we've achieved all our goals in life such as getting married or having children and when we feel like we've hit our peak, this could very well mean that we start to give up on life in a certain sense or we plateau emotionally. If we are to feel happier as we get older, it's about giving us those new challenges that can incorporate a sense of structure in our lives. It's not about telling yourself that you need to climb Everest, but it's about setting realistic but meaningful goals to give your life a new sense of direction and a feeling of accomplishment. If there are aspects of your life that you don't feel you've accomplished because things got in the way, now might be the time to revisit these. For example, learning a new language or playing an instrument can be ways for you to reinvigorate your enthusiasm. When you set yourself new goals in life, this is what will give your existence a different meaning.

Learning To Be Comfortable In Who You Are
We think that we are getting unhealthier as we get older, but there are things that we can do about this. You can start to exercise and eat better but it is all futile if you're not comfortable with who you are. If you feel negative about certain aspects of yourself or you strive for perfection, it makes it far more difficult to be happy with who you are. Learning to accept yourself rather than focusing on your flaws will give you the chance to forgive yourself. But it's also good for our well-being. When things go wrong in life we need to be kinder to ourselves. When we get older and we think that we are getting weaker, it's this act of self-forgiveness that will make us feel happier. Life shouldn't be a downward spiral. And if you feel like this, the answer may lie in not being comfortable with who you are. This is not something you can fix overnight but if you take it upon yourself to try and address being kind to yourself as you are to other people, but also look at your mistakes as learning opportunities this is what will help give you added meaning to life.

When we get older we think that we get unhealthier but in fact, we can all age like a fine wine. Getting older isn't about getting weaker but it's about making sure that we are squeezing every drop of meaning out of life.

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