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From Hope Valley Devotional (Week 20): The Hope of Seeing People with Grace-Filled Eyes

July 5, 2017

Since I first watched the seventh episode of Season 2 of When Calls the Heart, I have been extremely challenged by these words of truth by Pastor Frank. As we ponder these profound words I am challenged to consider a deeper truth that Pastor Frank has introduced us to- the hope of seeing people with grace-filled eyes. 

I am sure, like myself, that we have all experienced the change in how we can view someone based on a set of circumstances or a specific circumstance. Several years ago (shortly before this episode aired) I was the recipient of being some hurtful and untrue gossip. To be frank it happened with a former co-worker that I had considered to be a good friend. At the time it was incredibly hurtful and I admit that I struggled to not feel bitter about what had taken place. In a matter of moments I was tempted to erase all of the good that I knew and had experienced with this woman due to one circumstance. In a matter of minutes I realized that her careless words made me think only about the bad things of her. Like a powerpoint list it would have been easy to start thinking of only bad things. I stopped short, realizing that I was painting this woman, who I had considered a good friend, in only a bad light. 

I had completely lost sight of the hope of seeing her with grace-filled eyes. 

When I saw this scene with Pastor Frank talking with Abigail shortly after her encounter with the women gossiping about her, I immediately thought of my own life and this situation. The truth is that I really was also forced to examine the times in my own life where I may have said something flippantly or been a part of gossip and where I most likely caused some deep wounds in others lives. In each of these situations I was shown lots of grace and I learned that living in the hope of seeing people with grace-filled eyes changes not only ourselves, but others.

See, when I live like this- when I live with hope that there is not only the bad or the good in a person then I actually extend a grace to them that allows our relationship to thrive. If I only think the good about someone then eventually that person will fall from the pedestal that I have put them on. But if I see them with grace-filled eyes than I can admire them, see the good, and know that they are trying their best, and that no one is perfect, just like I am not. If I only see the bad with someone than eventually I don't even extend the hope that there is good. But if I see them with grace-filled eyes than I can pray for them, accept them for where they are at, and know that they are trying their best, again just like I am.  

Today, dear friends, let us have courage to live in the hope that comes from seeing people with grace-filled eyes. The hope that realizes that when we see people with grace we extend a blessing to our entire community that reaches beyond what we could ever imagine. We can believe the best, forgive with freedom, and live in grace.  Today. let's live bravely and courageously, knowing that grace brings a blessing beyond anything we could think or imagine... a grace to know that we are trying our best and the hope that comes when we see people with grace-filled eyes.

"Love each other as I have loved you."
-John 15:12-

Thank you for your patience as last week I did not have a "From Hope Valley Devotional" as I was traveling across the country to meet with my main medical team. I received so many lovely messages from this community and prayers and I am so grateful to share an exciting update which you can read about HERE. Thank you again for your love and kindness! 

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