Simple Ways To Live A Greener Life

November 21, 2019

It will be of no surprise to you to know that the world we are living in is under threat. 

Businesses, both large and small, are damaging the environment through their polluting manufacturing processes. And they are also disrupting the planet's eco-systems by using materials from unsustainable sources, such as the wood that comes from much of the globe's rainforests.  

And with our reliance on cars, chemical-laden products, and our own bad habits, we are adding to the carbon footprint that is damaging to the Earth's atmosphere. 

Thankfully, hope for the planet is not lost. By living green, we can do much to protect the world around us. And while we could take giant leaps forward in the way we live our lives, such as ditching our cars in favor of hybrid alternatives and remodelling our homes with solar technologies, we can also take smaller, simpler steps to manage our carbon footprint. 

Here are just a couple of the steps you could make in your daily life.

#1: Change your shopping habits
We mean this in two ways.

Firstly, only buy from those stores that have proven green credentials. We are talking about those retailers who sell products made from sustainable or natural materials. And we are talking about those online retailers who commit to green practices within their shipping and packaging methods.

And secondly, think about the products you buy. Sure, you could buy something overladen with chemicals when purchasing beauty, cleaning, or healthcare products, but the safer alternative is to buy something created with natural compounds. Look for green certifications on the products you buy at the supermarket, and buy from those online retailers who specialize in environmentally-friendly products. Check out, for example, when buying health-related items. 

By changing your shopping habits in such ways, you are taking active steps towards protecting the health of yourself, your family, and the planet we live on.

#2: Cut out the need to shop
In some cases, you don't need to go shopping at all.

If you can cut out the need to shop, you then reduce your carbon footprint on the roads (and that of delivery drivers), and you reduce the risk of buying something that isn't particularly eco-friendly.

Take clothes shopping, as an example. According to, the fashion industry is responsible for more than 8% of the global climate impact, so you could rethink your approach when looking for new clothes. Rather than buying new, you could hold a clothes party at home and swap with your friends. You could also do the same by attending a local swishing party, an ethical event that has become a global phenomenon.

And think about the other products you might buy. Rather than buying new furniture, you could repurpose what you already have. And you might do the same with those items that could be considered waste, including plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. You would then save money, and reduce the amount of toxic waste on your community's landfills. 

Another way to create a simple green life is by using a professional cleaning service. If you live in Chicago you can find Companion Maids who can help keep your home clean and green!

It doesn't take a lot of effort to live a greener life, so consider our suggestions. And then commit to green habits around your home, such as recycling your waste and reducing your electricity usage. You can make a difference to the world, so make an effort today to bring about a positive change to the environment around you. 

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