Build a Happy Mindset

November 20, 2019

A lot of people seem to go through the motions in life. They do what is expected of them, the apparent right thing, the thing society demands of them, but somehow this does not satisfy them. A hole begins to develop inside them, some deep longing that they are unable to cater for, some unhappiness, discontent. There is no apparent reason for this void, but it is there nonetheless. This can make the bearer feel very alone, as no one can understand. Unfortunately, this situation is the perfect combination of events for something untoward to be bred into you to fill the emptiness, something negative, an obsession perhaps, something detrimental to your health and happiness. Yet, this clutching at anything does not fill the space within; in fact, it stretches instead beyond recognition. 
The good news is there are some simple methods to help you build something positive in your life:

The first thing you need to do when you begin to feel this sense of discontent is to take some timeout away from everyone and sit and think about what it is you can do to make yourself happier. You could partake in a little meditation and clear your mind that way. Alternatively, you could focus on something positive, some goal you personally want to attain, like going to an art class. Focusing on a goal can increase your positive vibes.

Doing daily exercise is good for the mind. It is a natural high and is good for your health. If you know that your weight and fitness is a major contributing factor to your unhappiness, you must exercise. It only needs to be twenty minutes a day, but the results can be priceless. Even if you have a busy life, you could take a brisk walk to the store instead of driving, for example.

Say “No”
If you are one for putting other people’s needs above your own, then you need to get into the habit of looking after number one. Saying no to a night out that you don’t want to go on, or no to going completely out of your way for that toxic friend who does not deserve you, can feel amazing. Saying no can start to build your self-esteem if this is something you lack. Also, say no to that little devil inside you, which tells you that you must have that bottle of wine tonight. Breaking bad habits is an excellent way to make you feel happier.  

Think about what you are eating. Do you consume a lot of fast food? Next time you are at the supermarket, put more fruit and vegetables into your basket and fewer pizzas. Think about your meals by making a meal plan. Or, perhaps you are already obsessed about what you eat, and going to an eating disorder treatment center might be beneficial for you.

Anything you can do to break you out of the rut you have gotten yourself into and will start forcing you to think along new lines will brighten your mood exponentially.
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