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Santa's Rocket Sleigh Junk Journal

November 17, 2018

Happy Saturday friends! Today I am so excited to share with you one of those fun and cute additions! This adorable Santa's Rocket Sleigh Junk Journal is now available for purchase! (You can find it HERE!) 
Y'all know how much I love creating different and unique journals and altered books. These beautiful and unique journals are the perfect way to grab onto ordinary moments or days and remember special times in life, especially during this holiday season!
I found this adorable and popular vintage (1957!) Santa's Rocket Sleigh Rand McNally Book in an antique book store back in the early part of Spring last year and was so excited as it was in excellent condition and I knew it would make a special Junk Journal for this holiday season. 
I fell in love with the precious pictures, the detailed illustrations, and the vibrant colors of this classic book that has delighted happy Christmas lovers for generations.
ThiVintage Santa's Rocket Sleigh Junk Journal contains approximately 200 pages that includes gorgeous original book pages, vintage paper, pretty ephemera and tags, vintage and sweet modern ribbon, beautiful washi tape, and quality coordinating and pretty scrapbook paper. You can easily add in pictures and quick notes so that you can remember the special days forever. 
This Junk Journal would create a treasured keepsake for a lifetime and can be used throughout the holiday season (for special holiday parties or a special occasion) or as a December Daily album for those who may be participating in that!
What I love about some of these precious vintage books is that the stories are timeless for dreamers to dream and wish in all different ways during the holidays. 
No matter how you would use this junk journal it would be precious. *smiles* 
If you are interested in this Santa's Rocket Sleigh Junk Journal can find it HERE. Or if you are interested in looking at other Christmas items in the shop you can find them HERE!
Or find one of me talking about the junk journal on the shops instagram page by clicking HERE! A video of this junk journal is now available on my new Youtube page which you can find HERE!
Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful day with friends and family!!

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