Room 209 at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge // Talkeetna, Alaska

November 8, 2019

Caravan Sonnet Blog
Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a wonderful week! We were blessed with our first snow of the season, which was a treat (for those of us that love snow haha *smiles*) and I am excited for the long weekend! Today though I am excited to wrap up one of my final posts from our Alaska trip in August and share with y'all about the beautiful room that we stayed in at the Pursuit Collections's Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. If you missed my review of this lovely property you can find it HERE!
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Walking into Room 209 definitely left you feeling like you had entered a cozy-luxury Alaskan getaway. The decor of the room, the pictures lining the walls over the bed, and the magnificent windows that looked out onto the Denali Range (which was visible!!) all led to the perfect combination of cozy-luxury at its finest. Can you believe the view from our window above?? It was AMAZING.

The room (as you can see in the pictures above) has all of the basic things that you would expect in a hotel room, which included the two queen beds, a TV, a phone, towels for the bathroom, and there was also a small table in the corner with two chairs (as you can see in the middle picture above).
While the room may appear basic (like I mentioned at the Seward Windsong Property), it was anything but. It was well laid out, spacious, and simply wonderful. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
I always hate to compare properties, but it is impossible to not compare the two places as we stayed at two of the Pursuit Collection properties. I will be honest and say that I loved both, but that the that the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge was my favorite... the room, the entire property (fireplace, location, the views, and that incredible porch/dining location!) all led to this being the ultimate cozy luxury experience. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
There were so many lovely things about this room... a few of my favorites were...
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Large Picture Window
This was hands down my favorite thing about this room (I talked about it in my stories also which you can see HERE) - it was just incredible. I think that this gave the space more room, and a more private feel with this addition to our room.

Amazing Shower & Water-pressure
I took a shower it was lovely with great water-pressure and had great water pressure. 

*the room also had a complimentary hair dryer for those who need it*

Complimentary Wi-fi
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Sparkling Clean
The room was extra clean and looked like it was still brand new.

Coffee and Coffee Cups
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Comfy Chair by Window
This comfy chair was my friend for a couple of hours in the morning as Emily & Sue were packing and getting ready- the view was gorgeous, the chair was so comfortable and it was the perfect cozy nook.

Easy Access to Main Lodge
I loved the fact that it was such an easy access to the dining area, the main lodge area (with that incredible fireplace) and the porch area. It was so easy and so lovely. 

Extra Bedding/Bed Mat
They were so wonderful here with our request for extra bedding, pillows, and a way to make this area a special sleeping area for Emily who had kindly volunteered to sleep on the makeshift bed once again on the trip. The way that this was handled (like it was no big deal and that they were happy to help) was so lovely! 
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Incredibly Quiet
All three of us decided to sleep in and it was sooo quiet and restful. It was honestly one of the best nights sleep we had and it was so lovely to have this "cap off the trip" in this way. 

I hope that this review of room 209 at the Pursuit Collection's Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge helps you see what a wonderful place this would be for a visit! Y'all- definitely book this room... it was SERIOUSLY so perfect! 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Interested in booking a stay at the Pursuit Collection's Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge? You can connect with the Pursuit Collection's Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge and make reservations here:

Phone Number: 1.800.808.8068
Caravan Sonnet Blog
I hope that each of you have a chance to stay at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. Like the room card says above, it truly is "above the rest". It is truly such a beautiful and lovely place. Please let me know if you have any questions!! 

A huge thank you to the Pursuit Collection and the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge for the complimentary stay and experience to stay at this beautiful property. ALL opinions are my own.

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