Favorite Travel and Outdoor Summer Items on Sale for Memorial Day

May 25, 2019

Happy Saturday friends! I have been thinking so much lately about how despite all of the problems that we have here in our country we also have SO much to be incredibly grateful for! I hope that this weekend is a time for you to rest, rejuvenate, and be refreshed as you spend time with friends and family. To all of those who have served and are serving our country we are incredible grateful for you and your families sacrifice. 

With this weekend there are often lots of sales on items and I wanted to share today a few of my favorite travel and outdoor summer items that are currently on sale! I hope that this helps you if you are looking for some items!
First, Yesterday on the blog I shared all about my favorite hiking boot which is these Merrell Boots. They are currently on sale and you can find them by clicking HERE!
Second, this Lightweight Double Camping Hammock is 60% off and can be found HERE for less than $12! This hammock is great for the summer in general but is extremely lightweight (less than 2 pounds!) and you could take it with you when you are hiking this summer. For those of us that are tall it is actually a great length (9.8 x 6.6 feet) and holds up to 400 pounds. It is backed with AmazonBasics and comes with a 1 year warranty! There are a variety of different colors to choose from and you can find it HERE!
Third, my favorite carry on suitcase EVER, the Delsey Paris Luggage Catelet Hard Carry on is on sale this weekend! I have gone into depth about why I love this carry on so much HERE but it is honestly worth the investment and both colors (the white and the dark chocolate brown) are both on sale. Run and go get it now. You will be so glad that you invested in this piece. I know that I almost had a heart attack when I first saw the price, but it has been one of the best investments that I have ever made on luggage for all that I travel. I am saving my pennies for the larger luggage pieces (which are also on sale), but I can speak to this carry on and it is great. You can find it HERE!
Fourth, my favorite purse organizer is currently on sale for 20% off! I have shared this before on the blog I was also getting tired of needing to search my purse for items and feeling desperate to organize my purse- not just for trips but in general. hahaha! This honestly has been something that I have started talking about non-stop and telling everyone about. Just the other day I was telling two friends that they needed to get one! It is life-changing! Hahaha! 

This felt organizer (I chose the beige color so that it will go with any of my purses!) comes in 11 different colors (you can find it HERE). I love that I can easily switch purses now just by taking this out and changing it from one purse to another. SO simple and easy! Even if you don't travel a lot you will love it for daily life (for size reference I chose a medium)! For traveling mine is always loaded up with tons of items and it is the easiest trip in the airports because of how organized it kept things in my purse! If you are interested in it you can find it HERE
Fifth, These TKEES Sandals... I wear them all the time y'all. I fell in love with these sandals last summer and love the simplicity and yet the "put together" look of these leather sandals. They are so incredibly comfortable and you can find them HEREI chose the Coco Butter color, but there are a number of different options and some are 1/2 price this weekend (making them less than $25!) Find them HERE!

Sixth, my favorite eye mask for sleeping is currently on sale for 15% off. This is a great eye mask for sleeping or for traveling! You can find it HERE!

Seventh, speaking of sleep items for travel - these ear plugs are also on sale! This container of ear plugs will last you for a long time and it is a great deal! Click HERE!
Eighth and finally, this backpack for day hiking is a great backpack and is currently $5 off! You can find it HERE!
And don't forget over in the shop I am having a one day sale and everything is MAJORLY discounted! Click HERE to go directly to the shop!

Happy Saturday friends! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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