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CanvasDiscount.Com and a FREE Canvas print for You!

Happy Monday again y'all! Today I am so exited to share these special presents that I got for my mom for Mother's Day. If you are like me then you know that finding the perfect present for Mother's Day can be difficult sometimes as you want to find something that is truly special and meaningful. For my mom and for so many other moms (or mother figures in our lives) pictures that hold special memories are a beautiful way to do that! So today I am so excited to share about discovering gives you a beautiful and affordable way to display special pictures in your life in a creative and lovely format. And y'all I was so impressed with how quickly the prints came after I ordered mine! I ordered mine on a Sunday evening and they were sending me tracking updates by Tuesday morning and arrived on that Friday! So quick and so easy! They state on their website that all orders are ready to ship within 24 hours and they were not kidding! So if you are looking for a last minute mother's day gift- order TODAY (see the special code below!) and get yours in time for Mother's Day!
With a company that has a 5-star rating and more than 1.5 million Canvas Prints sold, I was really excited to find out more. And I was not disappointed. There is a reason why they are listed as the #1 Best Rated US Canvas Shop and why I will definitely be ordering from them again!

I chose these pictures specifically for my mom as I knew that with her and my dad's 50th wedding anniversary coming up this would be the perfect pictures to celebrate this special milestone! I love how they came out! For size reference the largest one is 16 x16 and the two small ones are 8x8's! 

And guess what y'all??!? You can receive a FREE 8x8 canvas print from!! To get the free discount simply go to their website, upload your photo, select the 8x8 canvas print format and enter the code "THETHOUGHTCANVA" during checkout! SO simple and easy!! 

You can find and connect with them more on social media here: 
IG: @canvasdiscount_com

*sponsored post, but all opinions are my own*