Prayers Appreciated

May 10, 2019

I know that many times social media can bring lots of criticism, but I have always been incredibly grateful for this amazing community. Over the years you have faithfully supported, prayed for and loved me deeply. Today I would like to once again ask for prayer, but this time for my family, specifically my precious mom. As a few of you are aware, this week brought unexpected news as we found that my mom will need to have an unexpected heart procedure done this coming Wednesday and we would covet your prayers for this.

We are so humbled by the intricate timing of this issue being discovered, the protection of my mom, the amazing medical team surrounding my mom, and for each of you who have been so supportive. Please pray specifically for peace, for wisdom & success with this procedure, that this will address the issue completely, and for total healing for my mom.

Thank so much to my amazing nurses & medical team who listened & comforted me today, to Sue, Blythe, Monica, and Kaara for your love & dear friendship & support these last few scary & anxious filled days, and to countless others who have been praying & helping figure out so many details behind the scenes.

Words at times like this fail me, but your love & prayers are truly a blessing beyond any feeble words. Thank you dear friends. You are a blessing.

"Tell those who are terrified, be brave and don't be afraid. Your God will come...He will come and rescue you..." 
-Isaiah 35:4-

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