The Ultimate Digital Nomad Travel Check List

April 4, 2019

Did you know there are over 4 million Americans that are digital nomads? 27% said they might become digital nomads in the next couple of years. No wonder that with so many people thinking about becoming digital nomads they are researching and prepping for the lifestyle change.

Have you been considering working while you travel? Then it's time to become a digital nomad. Keep reading to get the scoop on the ultimate digital nomad travel check list to get your journey started.

The Ultimate Digital Nomad Travel Check list
Having a guideline will take the anxiety and stress out of getting ready to become a digital nomad. It might seem like a big process because it's out of the norm and you're not choosing the right of a regular 9-5 job to report to. Thanks to the internet and services such as Pipedrive MailChimp connection being a digital nomad is on the rise.

First thing on your checklist is where do you want to be a digital nomad? Do a search to figure out where you want to explore and work. There are so many options make sure to do thorough research on the places you're considering. Whether it's France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States your options are endless. There's no right or wrong place but choosing where will make planning easier.

This is part of the digital nomad checklist if where you're traveling too requires a visa. You might or might not need one it varies by the place you choose. If where you're traveling to requires a visa here you will have to take time out to apply for the visa, and gather all of the documents you need 

Once you have your location and visa figured out it's time to search for flights. Booking your flight in advance will save you money. If you have flexibility on when you will start your adventures then you might be able to find some really good flight deals.  Nowadays you have to also pay attention to check in and carry on bag limits. Some airlines now charge for check-in bags and you don't figure this out until you're checking in. Make sure to do your homework with your airline of choice.

Where to Stay?
Next is where are you going to stay? Do you want to move every week, every month, or every couple of months?  This is something you're going to want to figure out ahead of time so that you can book your accommodations appropriately. Keep in mind that being a digital entails working and if you want to explore the area you travel to make sure you give yourself enough time to work and play before moving to a new area. Sometimes slower travel works best for this scenario. Choosing a place that has public transportation nearby might be best to avoid car rentals, and extra things to think about when it comes to getting around. There are plenty of places that are centrally located which also means you will have access to good internet.

Time to Start Planning 
Now that you have a basic travel check list it's time to put your plan into action. Once you have all of the above figured out you can then figure out the other details such as what exactly to pack in your bag or bags. 

Get out there and explore the world! Having a hard time choosing where to travel?
Check out the travel section on this blog to give you more ideas while you narrow down your list.

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