4 Ways To Find Your Inspiration Back In April

April 3, 2019

Some days, you find yourself just sitting on the couch in front of the TV. The images are dancing in front of your eyes, but your mind doesn’t retain anything. You tell yourself that everything will be better after a good night sleep, but when you experience the same emptiness again, you can’t find a solution. You might even come across impossible decisions, such as choosing what to eat for dinner, because you don’t feel inspired by anything

A lot of people experience a natural slump toward the end of the cold season. You might feel sluggish after several months of comforting winter dishes, and gradually it might feel as if you had lost the ability to get excited about things. The routine is making everything dull. It’s time to react and find your inspiration back:

#1. Plan a spontaneous weekend getaway
When every day is the same, it can be difficult to break the dull cycle of the routine. But planning a change of landscape can be the solution you to break free. You don’t need to book a holiday far away. You need to inject a little bit of spontaneity back in your life. Get an RV Rental for the weekend, pack a small bag and enjoy the adventure. It doesn’t matter how far you travel. Let this disruption give you your life excitement back.

#2. Get journaling
Journaling and scrapbooking have become popular activities in a busy adult world. Indeed, managing a journal is not only highly relaxing, but it lets you experiment with finding your own voice and style. You can record the little things that matter to you, day after day. But, more importantly, the whole exercise taps into your creativity and encourages you to reconnect with your inner self.  

#3. Take a walk in nature
Now is the best time to go outside and engage with nature. The flowers are in bloom, the grass is growing again, and the trees are covered in delicate buds. As nature is awakening, you can let it heal your stress and emotional fatigue. Being in nature helps you to forget about everyday problems and deadlines; you can take a moment to contemplate a flower. It’s a peaceful process that brings you back to yourself. Not only is it grounding to spend time in nature, but the combination of the oxygen from the plants as well as your relaxed mindset also helps you to reveal your creativity.

#4. Surf on the April’s Fool wave
Last, but not least, April’s Fool was only a few days ago. It’s a day dedicated to laughing. And laughing, as it happens, is good for you! A laugh can help you to relieve tensions and stress. As your body begins to relax, it releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. As a result, you feel refreshed and energized. But, scientists have also discovered that laughing stimulates your brain, making your creative focus sharper. You’ve got better ideas when you laugh, regardless of whether you want to write a book or solve a problem at work.

When your inspiration is gone, you feel empty of interests and desires. Finding back the things that excite and inspire you is about breaking the routine and giving yourself the time and space to heal your mind.

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