Jay Falls // Jay, New York

April 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful week! Today I am so excited to share with y'all a bit more about the #ADK50falls challenge and specifically about Jay Falls, the waterfall I mentioned on Monday that I went to see this past weekend as the first falls in the challenge!

If you aren't familiar with the #ADK50falls challenge, you can read about the entire challenge HERE, but simply put there are 50 waterfalls that you hike and visit (5 require proof with photo that you were there) to complete the challenge. Participating in this is so fun and exciting and I am looking forward to doing this and the another challenge I will share more about in the next few weeks. 

If you would like to know just basic facts about the falls please just scroll down to the bottom of the post where I will be sharing basic information to help those who want to know more specifics about each of the falls in the challenge.
Jay Falls is located in Jay, New York and is approximately 25 minutes from Lake Placid. The falls are broad falls and are easy to see from the parking spots (the pictures above were all taken from right outside my car). 
Located right above Jay Falls is the Jay Covered Bridge which is the only covered bridge remaining in Essex County. It was built in 1857 and was rehabilitated in 2006. You can easily walk across it and see the falls from the windows or walk to the other side and see more views of the falls from the other side of the bridge. 
The pictures above are from the left side of the bridge. Some of the pictures were taken from the parking spots on that side and then I also climbed down (about 3 feet) to be closer to the water to take a few more. 
After walking back across the bridge to return to my car and parking area I decided to follow a little path down to get closer to the falls. The path down is about 15 feet down and it leads you to some huge rocks that you can sit on to be close to the falls and sit there. 

I saw that there was a tiny path that continued on and decided to follow it up to the top of the falls. Along the way someone had placed some rocks to use as stepping stones to cross the stream that flows into the river. Aren't they so cute? *smiles*
I saw this in one of the rocks as I walked along and wondered what it was used for? Maybe to tie things up? It was pretty far away from the river so it made me definitely curious!
The top of the falls were simply gorgeous and I sat for a long time just listening to the water and appreciating the beauty around me. I can't recommend a visit to Jay Falls enough and hope that y'all will join in on this very fun challenge!
When I was extremely sick I used to grieve not being able to be outside in nature as much as I wanted to be and if this is where you are at due to health reasons I hope that the information I provide about each of the falls in this challenge will encourage you to explore as you are able.

38 John Fountain Road, Jay, NY 12941 (approx. 50 minutes from Plattsburgh // 25 from Lake Placid)

20 foot falls (broad set)

Jay Covered Bridge (Built in 1857- rehabilitated in 2006) - only covered bridge remaining in Essex County


Very small parking area. There were 3 parking spots on each side of the Jay Bridge (including 1 disability parking spot on each side). 

No. I arrived at the falls around noon on a Saturday in April and only saw two other people while I was there. At one point I had the entire area to myself. 

None. You can see the falls from the parking spots (on either side of the river). If you want to get closer to the falls you can walk down from the parking lot and explore a bit along the river.

Yes. The parking includes space for those with tags, but the great thing is that you can enjoy these falls even if you can't get out of the car. You will be able to see a view of them from the parking area. If you are able to, you only have to walk approx. 50 feet to the bridge. There are also benches to sit on both sides of the river.

You can see a couple of videos of Jay Falls on my stories on Instagram (click the #adk50falls icon)!

Thank you so much for reading today friends! Please let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or Jay Falls! I am happy to answer and can't wait to hear about your waterfall adventures! Have a wonderful day!

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