April 23, 2019

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A little bit more about the campaign...(from my Make-A-Wish Fundraising Page):

Welcome to the Caravan Sonnet Blog Fundraising #10000in7days Page! I am truly honored that you are here and are interested in helping us meet our goal of raising $10,000 to help grant wishes for children battling critical illnesses.

Some of you are coming to this page through our personal connection and your sweet support through my own health battle these last 7 years. As you know from watching and loving me through my health journey, wishes and gifts are truly a lifeline during a health crisis in one's life. 

As a young adult, "wishes" and gifts that were given to me personally allowed me to travel during the most difficult days of my life. These personal gifts were a lifeline to me in the darkest days of my life. During the fight for my life I became an author and a travel blogger and found incredible strength in discovering the world outside of my "sick world". As I have begun to heal fully, I have been able to travel more for my job and this has continued to be a blessing...Yet, on each trip I look back with a special smile and fond memories to those dark days where wishes became a symbol of hope.

In the summer of 2018 I had the honor of taking a road trip throughout Alaska. I quickly fell in love with the wild and free beauty of "The Last Frontier" and the blog posts from that road trip have been pinned and shared thousands of times on social media, read by readers spanning 100+ countries, and re-shared in numerous outlets. I was so humbled that the vulnerability and candor that I shared in posts about this life-changing road trip experience along with practical tips and photography led thousands to not only plan their own trip to Alaska, but to also see travel as a time of personal growth and reflection. As I wove the personal stories of my time in Alaska, including triumphant moments of conquering hiking mountains after fighting for my health and life, of hope found among the symbolism of the fireweed flower, and other posts, I shared deeply from my heart as I started planning a return trip back for the summer of 2019. 

I am thrilled that my sister and a dear friend will be joining me on our road trip this summer, and I can't wait to show them the beauty of the world that I had briefly encountered last year and to discover new places to love in Alaska.

And during the planning... I also started to dream about how we could make this a trip to have an impact beyond the typical "girls trip" and give back. It was then that the #10000in7days was born. Throughout the 7 days that we will be traveling to and in Alaska (between flights, road trip miles, hiking, and boats) we will cover more than 10,000 miles and my goal is to raise money to cover every single mile that will be traveled, for a total goal of $10,000 to be raised for Make a Wish Alaska and Washington for them to use to grant childrens wishes. 

A wish for a child that comes true helps a child feel stronger, more energetic and more willing and able to battle their critical illnesses that they are bravely facing. If you know me than you know watching an adult struggle with health issues how critical these moments were in my personal life. Can you imagine how much more so they are to a child?!?

As you can see and read through the precious stories of those who have had wishes granted, this often marks a turning point in their fight against their illnesses. Doctors, nurses, and other health professional say, the wish experience works in concert with medicine and treatment to make their young patients feel better emotionally and even physically. 

Many kiddos in Alaska and Washington are waiting for their wishes to come true- please help support our campaign by donating today and helping to make a difference in childrens lives!

Thank you so much for your support. Every single dollar that is raised helps get us closer to our fundraising goal. Thank you so much for helping us meet our goal! 

Warmly, Rebecca

Thank you so much friends for helping to make this possible! Please feel free to share this with your friends and family and please consider donating. Even a dollar (covering 1 mile) will be of help as every single dollar helps us get closer to our goal and goes directly to helping a child see their wish come true! Thank you again for all of your help with this!

PS- If you are a business and want to connect more with Caravan Sonnet about supporting this trip and helping to us to reach this goal and make this trip happen, please email us at: caravansonnet@gmail.com for more information! We look forward to working with you!

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