Beautiful Early Spring Weekend

April 15, 2019

Happy Monday friends! I hope you are having a good morning! This past weekend was so full and lovely- and I hope that each of you had a wonderful weekend too! 
I read a quote on Thursday night that has been staying with me... it said, "For love refuses to parade itself...prayer is the highest expression of love- it is pure giving...teach me to love, dear Lord." This has really challenged me in deep ways, specifically for a situation that I am walking through right now. Sometimes it can be easy to think that prayer doesn't do anything...especially in a lot of silence...I am gently reminded and encouraged that it is the highest expression of love... it is a pure giving of time...and of yourself. In that sacrifice you are living in the balance of hope and trust in what is not always seen in the moment.

On Friday morning my mom and I woke up really early to drive over to Syracuse for the day. I had never been to Syracuse so it was fun to make the trip over. It was a full and long day, but one with lots of laughter and these are moments that I treasure with my mom. We left at about 3:45am and got home around 10pm. A full day, but one with lots of blessings and laughter.
Saturday I woke up and it was the most beautiful Spring day. I have been so struck by the way that Spring is slowly coming to this beautiful area of the world and I am loving the opportunity to be outside more. If you know me well than you know that I am not really affected by weather or seasons per say, but this winter was difficult with not being able to ski and I am excited to be able to see the Spring come and get outside more.
Saturday I started the #ADK50falls challenge and my little heart was so excited. You can read about the entire challenge HERE, but simply put there are 50 waterfalls that you hike and visit (5 require proof with photo that you were there) to complete the challenge. Participating in this is so fun and exciting and I am looking forward to doing this and the another challenge I will share more about in the next few weeks. 

It is such an incredible blessing to be able to be out and spending so much time in the mountains again. It is definitely something that I dreamed about throughout the fight for my health and life and to be at this beginning stages of complete healing now truly leaves me speechless.
The first waterfall that I did was Jay Falls in Jay, New York. It was a bit of a drive, but a very easy waterfall (it is literally right next to the parking spaces) and this was what I was looking for after the long day from the day before. Jay Falls is truly stunning and I will be doing a complete post on it later this week and can't wait to share more with y'all! 

If you want to follow along on Instagram and see all of the falls pictures you can find them in my stories under the #ADK50falls tab *smiles*! I can't wait continue to share more!
After spending time at the falls I decided that I wanted to do some more exploring and a little bit of hiking so I decided to just drive out into the Adirondacks on some roads I had never been on before. It was so beautiful and just traveling onto different roads was an adventure. I came across a beautiful pond and kept taking the roads until they turned dirt and eventually there was a place to pull off on the side of the road(that wasn't on private property) so I hiked down to the pond. Even though I hadn't gone that far into the mountains it was very remote and it was stunningly silent and beautiful.
It was simply gorgeous and it was so good for this heart of mine to get out into the mountains. This beautiful spring weekend made me even more excited about the days and weeks ahead. *smiles*

I can't believe that we are heading into the third week of April y'all! I think I say this with every weekend recap post but this new year seems to be flying so quickly. I want to grab onto the moments and just hold time still in some ways, and yet it continues to march forward and with that I know will come new adventures and joys. 

Did y'all have a good weekend? Did you do anything special this weekend? Happy Monday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to your new week! If you think about it today I would love some prayers for my mom who is having a minor surgery/procedure done today. Thank you so much friends!

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