44 Tips to Have a Happy Marriage for 48 Years

August 9, 2017

These kiddos above{aka my parents} are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary today. In today's society that would be classified as amazing, but to this single gal it is not only amazing, it is inspirational, entirely possible, and beautiful to have witnessed such an amazing love story growing up. 

In honor of their anniversary four years ago I shared a post entitled "44 tips to have a happy marriage for 44 years" that has remained one of my most popular posts. Today, in honor of their anniversary I wanted to re-share these 44 tips with you about having a marriage that will not only go the distance, but will be a beautiful story that I have learned from them.
1. Have a marriage centered on Jesus. 

2. Laugh. A lot.
3. Realize what is important and let everything else go. 

4. If your marriage is in trouble seek help.

5. Go on dates - at least once a week. (Don't have money for a date? My parents don't either and are constantly being creative with what to do. Look for free events in your area (i.e.- events at a local college, high school, church, etc.), pack a picnic lunch or dinner, go for a walk in a new park that you have not explored, etc.)
6. Be creative.

7. Be intentional.
8. Don't ever go to bed angry.

9. Fight fairly (stick to the subject at hand).

10. Listen. Listen. Listen.
11. Put the other person first. 

12. Always remember that life is found in the little moments. 
13. Never give your spouse the chance to wonder if you are cheating. 

14. Do not ever let pornography become a substance in your house. 

15. Never let children divide you and never speak ill of your spouse to your children.

16. Never let the "D" word (divorce) be uttered. The minute that you allow that you start down a road that you do not want to go on. 

17. Pray together.
18. Go to church together. 

19. Have Godly friends who you can encourage you along the way. 

20. Recognize that life (and marriage is hard). 
21. Respect him ladies. 

22. Love her completely gentleman.

23. Celebrate the big moments. 
24. Rejoice with each others successes. 
25. Support each other. 
26. Understand his job. 

27. Love her hearts passions. 

28. Understand security is very important for a woman. 
29. Take time to talk everyday. (Maybe this means shutting off the TV or turning off the internet - do whatever needs to be done to talk everyday!)
30. If you watch TV, watch TV you both enjoy. 

31. Dance in the house
32. Turn off the phone, internet, blackberry, ipad, computer, etc.. 

33. Enjoy each others presence.
34. Kiss often. 

35. Never hang up the phone or leave without saying "I love you".

36. Live life knowing how short it is. 
37. Realize that after you have kids you will still be a couple so don't wait eighteen years to keep falling more in love. 

38. Never stop flirting. 

39. Hold hands whenever possible. 
40. Cook for her, clean up for her, do the wash, etc.- Find something she hates to do and do it for her often without being asked. 

41. Ladies, don't nag. 

42. Find out something he loves to do and encourage it to the fullest. 

43. Cry together, not with your friends, or brushing it off. Face life together. 

44. Remember that life is fleeting and in the end the only thing that matters is love. 
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you guys so much!


  1. Aww, how sweet! I loved reading your post about marriage tips.... there is so much to learn from the generations before us who have had long, happy marriages! Happy anniversary to your parents!!!

    1. SO true Bailey!!! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! I hope that you are having a wonderful week! I can't wait to pop over and catch up on your blog!! :) Sending love!

      Blessings, Rebecca :)