A Few More of My Favorite Things from Zulily

August 30, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am so excited to share a bit more about my experiences with shopping and exploring the Zulily website. You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I shared about a few of my favorite items that I found. (You can read more about them HERE!) I am excited to share just a few more of my favorite finds today!
One my favorite items was this adorable maxi skirt. I love that it is flowy and yet the moss color is a perfect transition piece to the fall. You can find it HERE!
Another favorite thing that I found that I loved on the Zulily website was this cute flirty dress gray thermal top . You can find it HERE

  Y'all know how much I love blanket scarves for the fall and winter and this Aggie Gray Blue Monogram Blanket Scarf is a cute twist on a typical scarf. The option to monogram is cute and would be a sweet addition to the fall wardrobe. You can find it HERE
Another favorite thing that I found that I loved on the Zulily website was this oatmeal ruffle tunic. An adorable fashion blogger that I love and follow wore a very similar piece like this and I loved it but it was so expensive. I love that this is so similar and literally a fraction of the price. You can find it HERE

There are so many different items on Zulily that I loved and I created a board with lots of different items and some of my favorites. You can check out my board HERE! Keep checking back as I will continue to update my board with new pieces and items that I find that I love as Zulily is constantly making new items available!

What about y'all? Any favorite items from Zulily that you love?

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  1. ’ve ordered from Zulily many, many times without a problem. I can be a little difficult to dress as I am a little ‘quirky’ and a Plus Size, but I’ve always found absolutely gorgeous items to purchase here - too much of it really (or so my piggy bank tells me!). It’s actually been quite a lifesaver because the tops have a bit of length to them, and the summer dresses have sleeves in them - both things that are almost impossible to find at home here for some reason!
    Zulily is the only site I will order clothing from. I know I will receive the correct sizes (I do check each different Brand’s measurements carefully though, no different than you would with different shop brands). When I first started online shopping I tried a few clothing sites but Zulily was way ahead - it was consistent in it’s ranges, it’s showcasing of ‘new’ concepts, it’s quality, and it’s sizing.
    I do allow myself to get distracted by some of the other absolutely gorgeous things now & then and I’ve never had any problems that couldn’t be sorted out with the lovely online Chat lady.