Animal Kingdom With Friends

August 1, 2017

Looking back on spending a day at the Disney parks a couple of weeks ago with two dear people in my life fills me with incredible gratitude. It was a magical day filled with tons of laughter, constant talking about life, hilarious moments, and the precious gift of spending time with those whom I am honored to have in my life.
The day started bright and early and we spent the morning at Epcot and a few moments at Magic Kingdom before heading over to Animal Kingdom. When we arrived in Animal Kingdom we headed over to the new Pandora land to get something to eat. 
We ended up choosing Satu'li' Canteen (you can read more about HERE) which we all agreed was delicious. There are a couple of great things about the restaurant for those of you who are looking for some place yummy to eat in Animal Kingdom: 

1. For those who are looking for some place that has a yummy and healthy fare this is a place I would definitely recommend. There are tons of choices of different healthy options that all looked yummy. You can see the menu HERE

2. For those who have lots of dietary restrictions like myself, this place is a perfect solution for everyone. One of the things that I most appreciated about our experience here was that when I asked one of the staff members a question about one of my allergies she immediately pulled out an allergy friendly map that explained in detail every menu item and if it would be "dietary appropriate" for those who have a myriad of allergies (including dairy, corn, wheat, egg, etc.). This made it incredibly easy to choose something yummy and safe within my dietary restrictions without making a big production of anything. 

3. I have to say that one of the things that I mentioned in my post, 10 Tips for enjoying Disney With a Chronic Illness, was the weather and heat factor. As I continue to heal I see all different ways that my body is healing, including the fact that this time the heat didn't bother me as much as my last trip. BUT, it was really nice that Satu'li' Canteen is an air conditioned restaurant (something that is typically only reserved for the more expensive restaurants in the Disney parks) and a sit-down restaurant. It was the perfect pick me and relaxing atmosphere to begin the afternoon portion of the day. 
After lunch we walked around Pandora for a bit before heading over to Asia. Pandora looks like a completely different world. I have to admit that I have never seen Avatar, but I was so amazed by the uniqueness of everything that surrounded us - it was absolutely artistically amazing.
When we arrived in Asia we waited in line for Everst which Ali and Paul rode and really enjoyed. I should add in that if you are like me and may not be able to ride every ride due to health reasons then don't feel that you have to wait outside for your group. I see this happen a lot, but Disney is really great about this. They encourage you to spend time with your loved ones and you can easily exit (without having to go back through the whole line) when your party goes to get on a ride. I know that at some theme parks this isn't an option, but at Disney it is, and is wonderful that you don't miss out on time with people. Honestly, I love how this allowed me the opportunity to spend every second with these dear people. 
Next we headed over to Kali River Rapids which was so fun Ali and I ended up riding it twice. *smiles* You do get wet but because it was such a warm day we dried very quickly and laughed throughout the whole ride. 
Finally we headed back to Pandora to meet up with Paul who had kindly waited in line for us for the Na'vi River journey which had an incredibly long line. (By the time that we had gotten to Animal Kingdom all of the FastPasses for the day were taken.) We had a great time talking and hanging out as we waited for the ride... which I hate to say this but was a bit of a disappointment. Artistically it is beautiful, but just a word of warning that it is a very short ride and ... I think because I love Disney that is all I am going to say. *hahaha*.

But again... honestly, Pandora reminds me again of what I said in my last post about the day... Disney completely removes you from "the real world" in its artistic creation and beauty and honestly- there is never any disappointment in that at all. The afternoon was perfect and it was a time that I will treasure forever. I can't wait to share more with y'all about the rest of the day in the next few days! If you are interested in reading more about the trip you can click on one of the links below:

** A HUGE thank you to Walt Disney World for the complimentary tickets to enjoy the parks for the day. You truly gave me a beautiful gift with friends that I will treasure forever!! All opinions are my own.**

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