Stranded With... Netflix Series

June 8, 2016

I'm so excited!!  Y'all may remember last month that I linked up with Shay and Erika's new link up "stranded" and shared three books I would take to a deserted islandEach month there is a different topic (see below for all of the topics) and today, we're blogging about what three netflix series we would take with us if we were stranded on a deserted island.

Let me be clear. As much as I love the beach (like one of my favorites, Coco Cay *smiles*) I don't think that I would fair well on a deserted island. Hahaha. Obviously, while I dream of being on the Amazing Race, I am not hoping to be on Survivor which I associate with being stuck on a desert island. Or the movie Castaway. Not fun.*hahaha*

I have shared on the blog before that I am not a huge TV watcher. To me I don't love to watch a ton of TV and I am incredibly picky about what I put in front of my eyes and what I choose to put into my brain. I choose not to watch shows that are filled with violence, lots of sexuality, and that are crude. This may not leave a lot of options, but that is fine with me. I am honestly sometimes appalled at what is on TV and influencing our country and generation.

I know that some people think that those that are sick are sitting around doing nothing but watching TV, but in all honest, anyone that knows people that are seriously ill know that this is not the case, and for anyone who knows me knows that this is farthest from the truth. I am most happy and content when I am engaged in the lives of other people, enjoying the moments with others, and choosing to be wise with my time despite this hard season in life

On the flip side, there have been times where TV has been a great distraction from pain and I was so thankful when someone gifted me a Netflix subscription last year so that I could have a distraction. So here are the 3 TV shows that I would take with me to the deserted island:

(1) When Calls the Heart

I have loved the show from the very first episode. It is sweetly written, beautifully depicted, and the acting is wonderful. Originally inspired and named after Janette Oke's first book in her Canadian West Series, "When Calls the Heart" is the story of Elizabeth Thatcher who is a young teacher from a high society background who obtains her first teaching assignment in Coal Valley, a small mining town. Shortly before she arrived there had been an explosion that killed more than a dozen of the town's miners, leaving the widows and the children grieving, along with the rest of the town. As the seasons have progressed (there are three and two that are available on Netflix), a sweet love story emerges, deep friendships, and the overriding theme that despite life's hard, there is good to be found and community is beautiful. BRAVO Hallmark Channel for depicting a beautiful love story of a man pursuing a woman and a beautiful relationship without all of the sexual content. I love this family friendly show and recommend it everyone.

(2) Madam Secretary

When previews for Madam Secretary first came out I was skeptical about the show and then I watched the first episode and I was immediately impressed. Madam Secretary follows the story of the newly appointed Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord as she returns to public service at the request of the president, after retiring from her job as a CIA officer and becoming a professor at the University of Virginia. Madam Secretary revolves around the political need for international diplomacy, battles office politics, and negotiates national and international issues. The show is not only wonderful because the acting is phenomenal and is family -friendly, but the chemistry and romance between Tea Leoni and Tim Daly (who plays her brilliant husband and are also dating in real life) is adorable. And SERIOUSLY... it is SO nice to see a couple who are relatable, adorable, and obviously happily in love without all of the "TV drama" that sometimes is added into a relationship. Bravo CBS for showing a healthy marriage.
One of the things that I love about the show is that they deal with super serious issues and bring international things that are going on currently to light, but also have a ton of humor. There are so many quick lines that I often find myself laughing out loud. I love it and recommend this show to everyone, especially if you are looking for a family-friendly show.

(3) West Wing (Seasons 2-6 Specifically)

The West Wing was an American political drama that started in 1999 and ran through 2006. The series was set primarily in the West Wing and centered around the lives of President Josiah Bartlet and his staff. I did not like season 1, but seasons 2-6 were fantastic. The acting was suberb, there was humor, and the creators had the ability to bring relief issues to the forefront while showing an inside look at how the West Wing functioned. As a former history and government teacher, I have always been impressed with the way that the show was able to teach a lot of general and factual knowledge about government and yet create a wonderful dialogue. I also loved that this was a family friendly show with minimum language and minimum sexual content.

So these are my three shows if I'm stranded on a deserted island that I would bring! What TV shows would you bring?  I'd really love to know if you have any suggestions!!  Comment below (or link up!) and share this with us!  

And to see the other topics for the rest of the year (obviously next month we all know that I will be bringing Kate Middleton and Prince Harry with me - hahaha!)

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. When Calls the Heart is my fave! I've always wanted to start watching the West Wing!

  2. Hey if I have Netflix on my deserted island I want everything since I pay a monthly subscription! Trying to rob the stranded, not cool! Interesting series choices Rebecca. At the very least CW's Arrow would have to be on my list so I can cool my jets over being subscription robbed.

  3. Lol! I kind of agree with Sheena-Kay...if I'm paying for a subscription, I'd better get to see any series I want to! Haha! But that's not the point of the game, and I get it. Nice choices, by the way. I think I'm going to link up and do this today! These look interesting and fun!