the Lyme Diaries: a day in the life (currently- March 2015)

March 5, 2015

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Happy Thursday friends! It is hard to believe that almost five months ago I started "the Lyme Diaries" series and what a blessing it has been to my little heart to connect with so many of you walking this long journey also. I am so glad that we can encourage each other! I also hope and pray that this helps readers who wonder, "exactly what in the world is Lyme Disease?"! *smiles* 

Since sharing my original diagnosis of Lyme Disease in March 2013 and continuing to share updates on my health through my "Notes on the Porch" posts I have received many emails asking a variety of questions on treatment, advice, ideas, and a host of other things. At first I was able to share my limited knowledge with ease because these emails were not so frequent, but since writing the "What is Lyme Disease" post in May these emails, facebook messages, etc. have quadrupled and I struggle to have the time that I want to adequately answer the several hundred emails a week. (Let's be honest... I have not been able to answer even half of them.) So out of that, "the Lyme Diaries" have been born. (If you would like to read all of the posts in "the Lyme Diaries" you can click HERE!)

So, when I first started "the Lyme Diaries" I shared what a day in the life of having Lyme Disease looked like for me currently. Over the past few months things have changed and so today I wanted to share with y'all an "updated" day in the life as of March. If you follow me on instagram you might remember this post here about laying out my weekly vitamins, herbs, minerals, and oils schedule. I do that every Sunday (to start the new week) and will be sharing a little bit about my planning in the future. While some things change the following is the daily schedule that I have right now:

5:30am- Take ACS Silver 
5:50am- Take additional ACS Silver, Drink Aloe Vera Juice, and take supplement
6:00-7:00am- Go back to sleep (or doze). I make it a point to keep my room dark and to lay still even if I can't sleep so that my body is still resting.
7:00-8:00am-Spend time in prayer, and spend specific time praying through the healing verses in the Bible
8:00-8:15am- Stretching, apply oils, and drink 1 bottle of Smartwater
8:30- 9:00am- Eat breakfast, drink Smartwater, take supplements, herbs, and medications
9:00- 9:45am- Fix Detox Bath, Dry Brush, Walking, Drink Aloe Vera Juice, Take Detox Bath
9:45-10:30am- Either work on items for Shop on writing (book, freelance projects, articles, or blog) or have hyperbaric oxygen appointments, doctors appointments, acupuncture or reflexology appointments
10:30am- supplements and apply oils, drink Smartwater (with apple cider vinegar)
10:30am- 11:30am- Nap (or doctors appointments)
11:30am- Eat snack, take supplements, medications, and apply oils and detox procedures
11:50am-12:15pm- Stretching and follow "exercise regime" (my exercise regime is now working on doing certain yoga poses and some small walking steps) - Everyday I work to strengthen my body somehow!
12:15-1:30pm- Writing, Answering Emails, Blog Writing, or working on Shop orders
1:30-2:00pm- Eat Lunch, take supplements, medications, apply oils, and drink Smartwater
2:00-2:30pm- Answer shop emails, work on organizing shop orders, or writing projects and  take pictures for the shop or IG
2:30pm- supplements and apply oils
2:30-4:30pm- Nap (or doctors appointments)
4:30pm- Snack and take supplements, medications, and apply oils, drink Smartwater (with apple cider vinegar)
4:30-5:30pm- Work on Shop orders, Package up shop orders, and Create (either in the scrapbook room or from my bed depending on how I am feeling)
5:30pm- supplements and apply oils
5:30-6:15pm- Fix Detox Bath, Dry Brush, Light Stretching, Drink Aloe Vera Juice, Take Detox Bath
6:15-6:30pm- rest after second detox bath
6:30-7:00pm- Eat dinner, take supplements, medications, and apply oils, drink Smartwater
7:00 to (usually 8:00pm sometimes 9:00pm)- Watch TV (if my sensory nerves can handle it otherwise I read in bed, pray, spend time with the Lord memorizing scripture), answer emails, work on shop orders, create things for shop, or work on writing projects
8:00-9:00pm-Take nighttime supplements, medications, apply oils and head to bed

This is pretty much my life everyday. *smiles*  And yes, it is that incredibly regimented in order to get in every single supplement, oil, and medication that I need to take in. While there are a few exceptions (once or twice a week I make a point to chat with friends, etc.) this is pretty much how life looks right now. There are some days where I am in bed by 6:30pm (literally) and other days where I am up till 10:00pm simply due to different medications. BUT I hope this is helpful in understanding how regimented the life of a person who has Lyme Disease is. I always kind of smile wryly when I receive the question, "so what do you all day?" or "what does your day look like?". I think that sometimes people think I am just laying in bed eating bon-bon's all day long. *smiles* BUT in all seriousness everything that I do is focused on getting my health back. Fighting for your health is a FULL TIME JOB and its a job that you do not want to lose. While this is a very rigorous schedule (and a very isolating one!) it has also provided me so much opportunities to spend hours and hours in prayer and with the Lord and that has been a blessing in this journey! 

Well friends, as I said at the beginning I hope that this series is of help in understanding more about Lyme Disease and helps answer your questions! If there is anything specific that you would like to have answered let me know and I will do my best to write a post about it!! 
Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. What an eye opener for Thank you for sharing your life and Lyme with those of us that are not familiar with it. Your posts are helping to educate us and I am quite certain that they are a source of inspiration that have Lyme disease as well.

    1. Thank you so much Anne for your sweet comment!! You have no idea how much of an encouragement this was to me to keep spreading the news about Lyme!! THANK YOU again!!
      Rebecca :)

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I do use acupuncture as a therapy to help my journey in fighting both Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease and Cancer. I recently shared a "Thursday Health Thought" Post that you can find HERE: on the benefits of acupuncture.