Ten Things I learned From Prom

March 25, 2015

A couple of days ago I received a text message from a precious former student who is  getting married in a few short months. She said, "remember how anxious I was about prom - about the hair and the dress? Well imagine me in wedding mode! hahaha!". I had to laugh as I remembered exactly what she was talking about and remembered myself freaking out about similar things in high school! 
As I read that text I realized that as we approach prom season I learned a lot of lessons from my years of attending. In addition to the four years that I went to prom when I was in high school, (no, I was not that popular girl ... at my high school prom included everyone from 9th through 12th grade *smiles*) I also went to prom six additional years as a teacher chaperon and learned ten important things.
First, there is no need to wear hot neon pink (with sparkles) to important events... like I did my freshmen year of high school. *sigh* I would like to blame this on the "era" but I don't think I can! hahaha! SO awkward.
Second, we ladies love to dress up. Going as a prom chaperon gives you an excellent excuse to do so and gives you the perfectly acceptable opportunity to wear a crown (outside of becoming a princess).
Third, prom is the perfect excuse to examine (as a teacher) what students are your favorites and to choose to laugh in the midst of fear. Case in point: one of the proms that I was a chaperon at was held at a facility with tons of windows and no basement. Unfortunately in the midst of the romantic endeavor a tornado hit our area. It was overwhelming to think of protecting over 200 students and yet (after the danger had passed) all of us had some great laughs and memories!  {I was just kidding about the favorite students part... sort of...}
Fourth, knowing how to dance is very important.
And if your students don't know the moves to a song (aka. Cotton Eye Joe) it is very important to teach them. {Yes, this did take place in room 214 one day.}

Fifth, being told that you look beautiful and receiving a hug are some of the greatest gifts in the world.
Sixth, even as an adult you will long to "be asked to prom", "to be asked out for something special", etc. and you truly will thank the good Lord that you didn't get your wish of going with "that" boy you had your heart set on back in high school.
Seventh, Coco was right: a little black dress that you love is important to own.
Eighth,When your hair doesn't turn out right for your junior year prom your dad is truly your hero for calling a new hairstylist to do a completely new hair do just so you feel beautiful. Whoever said the little things are not important in a father-daughter relationship was completely wrong.

Ninth,It is ok to break the "dress code" rules. {At one prom I chaperoned for I was asked to dress like a "flight attendant" ?!? Do not ask me why I didn't ignore this "rule" and dress in a cute dress (like all of the other chaperone's did). Lesson learned.}
Tenth, Thankfully fashion does get better with each generation... sorry mom!*smiles*
What about y'all? Did you go to prom? Any fun lessons you learned?


  1. 1) We need pics of this alleged neon pink dress.
    2) I may or may not own 5 tiaras. And I've never won one.
    4) I don't know that dance... :-(
    5) Yup.
    6) YupYup
    7) YupYupYup
    8) THAT is SO SWEET!
    9) Why...?!
    10) So true. So very true.

    I loved prom! I went 3 years in HS, 1 after (dating a younger guy), skipped a year, then chaperoned with Ethan 2 or 3 years... any excuse to get purdy and go out! :-)

    1. hahaha!!!!
      1) Those pictures have strangely "disappeared" hahaha
      2) hahahaha!!
      4) ALWAYS time to learn!! :)
      5) :)
      6) :)
      7) :)
      8) :) TOTALLY it was!!
      9) hahaha! I have NO idea!! The craziest part was the kids were actually thrilled that I joined in with the dress code but I said never again!! :)
      10) :)

      EXACTLY!! :) I love the chance to dress up and get out!!
      Love you friend!
      Hope you are having a great day today!!
      :) Rebecca