15 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

March 3, 2022

Caravan Sonnet
To be truthful I had heard of Apple Cider Vinegar before but had never really known anything about it or the health benefits of it until about a ten years ago when I started to fight for my health. A friend of mine introduced me to a few of the health benefits and I have been amazed to discover a wide range of possible uses and health benefits that Apple Cider Vinegar provides. 

I personally would recommend Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and all of the things that are listed here today are based on their specific brand. As a side note you can locate this in this in the condiment and the health aisles of your grocery store because it is used in a variety of different ways. 

So what are the health benefits of organic Apple Cider Vinegar? Check these out:. 

1. Helps with digestion.In addition to this if you have difficulty with stomach issues a readers digest article has stated a suggested mixture that can be found here.

2. Helps wash toxins away from the body.

3. Help to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells in the body. 

4. Some studies have suggested that vinegar can help with obesity because it helps  people feel fuller quicker.

5. Known to help with diabetes.For diabetics there has been a lot of research done that shows that apple cider vinegar can help lower glucose levels

6. There have been cases that have stated that Apple Cider Vinegar can help kill lice.

7. Helps to strengthen the immune system and some articles have claimed that it will help heal a cold. 

8. Helps to alleviate bad breath. You can look for a mixture to use if you are interested here.

9. Helps to balance the ph levels. 

10. This might sound humorous but instead of being scared to death or trying to hold your breath Readers Digest suggested using apple cider vinegar to cure hiccups.  

11. Some reports have claimed that it can help with exercise exhaustion.

12. Helps with nighttime leg cramps.

13. Helps to whiten your teeth. 

14. Helps to reduce acne. 

15. Helps to erase cellulite. You can find the mixture recipe here. 

Do you use Apple Cider Vinegar daily? In what ways have you found it helpful?

THIS is the apple cider vinegar that I recommend and personally use! You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE! If you have been around the blog for a while you may remember me recommending the same apple cider vinegar before as this is the same product I use in my daily detox baths!

Looking for ways to include Apple Cider Vinegar into your life? Check out this post below:

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  1. I have been drinking ACV for some time now and totally buy into it! I skipped while on vacation and noticed a definite difference. Mu husband is also swearing by it these days---we also mix it with water and chug!!!


  2. I use organic Apple Cider Vinegar daily. I use the cap to measure what I will put in my 8 oz glass of water. It helps me with my digestive system. Also I use it as an Astringent, although not daily. It helps drying zits or relieve cystic acne pain.

    I will use it till I can!


  3. I've been meaning to get on the ACV train for a while but now I am motivated!

  4. I used to drink it but recently I have stopped. I will start to drink it again soon.

  5. This is awesome! My grandma swears by vinegar she uses it for everything!