First Things First ~ Bloggy World

March 19, 2013

Hi y'all! I am excited to link up with the first things first gals this morning! Since I am still a new blogger in "bloggy world" (as I affectionately call it) I am excited to connect with these ladies and answer these questions!

1. First ever blog post
I "officially" started blogging for Caravan Sonnet on January 21st (of this year). I entitled my blog post the journey begins because I knew that blogging would be an adventure or caravan. *smiles* I had been thinking and planning on starting this blog for many months but first was developing my business blog. I did contemplate I tried I gave up the idea of combining my business and personal blog due to time constraints and love to share my heart and my life (which includes my business) fully on this blog!

2. First ever comment on your blog
 My first comment was on one of my first posts New York Winter Wonderland and it was by a former roommate of mine whose blog I had recently discovered! I was very honored that she stopped by and commented! Since I "knew" her I didn't get the shocked feeling that someone was reading my blog until I had a couple of comments on my post the single journey that I wrote a couple of weeks later. I sadly didn't realize that by responding to comments on your blog didn't actually respond to your commenter until a couple of weeks later, but I treasured those comments! I really felt that I had laid my heart out in that post and was so honored that people encouraged me!
3. First blog-friends
I feel that bloggy world has given me an amazing opportunity to be introduced to some of the sweetest, smartest, and most diverse group of women. I have loved every minute. I love the opportunity to connect and "meet people" from all over the United States and the World. A couple of the first ladies that I connected with (technically in the month before I officially started Caravan Sonnet) were Bridget and Amanda. I had read their blogs for a couple of months and I would credit both of them for inspiring me to start blogging. Looking back now, after a couple of months in bloggy world, what I am most impressed with is that they both have very busy lives and lovely blogs and took the time to email with me. As time has continued I am honored to read their blogs and connect with them and other ladies in bloggy world. I can't wait to continue to develop these relationships!


  1. I was very excited to read the first comment too. It encouraged me to go on. Everyday I look forward to checking my blog.

  2. Yes you are still relatively new here in the blog world, and that's so exciting! I'm glad that you chose to join in and link up with us today! Glad to have you :)

  3. Hi! I have nominated Caravan Sonnet for a Leibster Award. Check it out at my blog Fun-A-Day!. I hope this finds you well. :)

  4. ahhh so cute! Isn't the blogging world awesome? So glad i've met you girl!!

  5. Love this link up! Such a cute idea...I'll have to join in next week!!

    xo Shane

  6. I love tulips, very pretty! Thanks for the follow, following you back :)