birthday moments of gratitude

March 12, 2013

I turn thirty-three on Sunday and I am excited! I truly believe that there are good things in store for thirty-three! I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for this coming year!

I know some people reflect on New Years but I have always looked back on my "new years" in two different ways: (1) at the start of a new school year and (2) on my birthday. As I am about to turn thirty-three in a couple of days I look back on thirty-two with so much thankfulness and gratitude from the past year. Here are thirty-two moments of extreme gratitude from this past year.

one: having the opportunity to celebrate my 32nd birthday in Hilton Head with my sis

two: starting my birthday off worshiping my precious Savior at the ocean.... perfection

three: Having dear friends stand beside me this past year when I was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. One friend even provided money for medical needs. I am so blessed.

four: Of students who lavished their love exponentially on me everyday... especially on my birthday.

five: Perhaps the most perfect cake ever.

six: Moments of grace for each day. Truly Psalm 68:19 proved true.

seven: Catch phrase for AP US History-  it was a classic *smiles* {yes, I did leave my birthday decorations up for weeks...and weeks...and weeks...}

eight: Witnessing the "first" senior prank. Classic. {Poor Jordan :(}

nine: Discovering the joy that comes through change.

ten: High school basketball game memories

eleven: Having three years of ice talks with IBFL

twelve: My mom's surgery being successful.

thirteen: The "soccer goal"

fourteen: The opportunity to be around these ladies everyday for months.

fifteen: Graduate school blessings

sixteen: Cherished friendships and three amazing ladies who were awesome chaperone's

seventeen: Abundant flowers (my favorite thing) that I received in the spring -my desk was never empty.

eighteen:  Having wonderful Middle East History classes where we celebrated everything

nineteen: The day that all that happened in room 214 was ballroom dancing

twenty: An extra week with this amazing friend on the senior trip

twenty-one: The gift that left me speechless

twenty-two: Quiet moments of kind words and love

twenty-three: A perfect last senior trip

twenty-four:  Precious cards that said goodbye and then hello again in the fall

twenty-five: Laughter

twenty-six: Three incredible months on my lake.

twenty-seven: The boat that had been prayed for

twenty-eight: The miracle of her car accident and thanking God for more time on this earth with this amazing woman and friend.

twenty-nine: Having two precious friends come to camp

thirty: The beautiful rainbows that brought beautiful promises.

thirty-one:  Celebrating seven years

thirty-two:  The unconditional love, support, and help of my parents


  1. Sooo much joy in all of these things :) And you look SO beautiful in all of the pictures!! I pray that Jesus bless you abundantly this year!

  2. Happy early birthday! What joy from year doubt 33 will bring more blessings :)

  3. What great pictures!!! I love that Tiffany necklace!!!

  4. This is my favorite post ever! You truly are blessed and you have some of the greatest friends, students and family! :)

  5. Love these pictures, precious moments, and I love that your students threw you a party! How sweet!

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