Isle of Palms, SC

March 22, 2013

I have always loved the ocean. One of the best decisions that I ever made was to go to grad school in Virginia Beach. Seriously, I love the ocean. *smiles* Several years ago I fell in love with Isle of Palms, South Carolina on one of my first senior trips there. I had the privilege of staying in a beautiful house right on the ocean and it was simply gorgeous. The house not only sleeps thirty people, has ten bathrooms, and is beautifully decorated, but also has the opportunity to spend time on one of the countless decks enjoying the view.

In my first trip to Isle of Palms and it took us approximately twelve hours to drive from Washington DC to South Carolina and it was worth every minute.
We arrived for a week of true beauty and it was a lovely senior trip.
I have SO many wonderful memories from this trip. It was full of laughter, full of precious memories, and it was such a dream to be on this senior trip. My co-leaders for this trip were so delightful and I spent many happy moments talking and learning from each of them. Elaine was a delightful and easy-going woman who had so much precious wisdom that she imparted into me that even years later as I was walking around the house I could hear her gentle and strong voice urging me to follow and obey the Lord.
The trip was filled with lots of happy memories of hilarious prank wars between the girls and guys (I admit it, they won...), lots of cooking, lots of trips to the Piggly Wiggly, sweet moments hanging out at the beach, and lots of lovely moments spending time with these seniors before they graduated.
I definitely credit the AMAZING memories during the Senior Trip of 2008 for my desire to return to Isle of Palms. {And yes, don't worry... I never bought or wore another piggly wiggly shirt in my life! *smiles*}
When I was given the incredible opportunity to teach the 12th grade girls Bible class at my school in Georgia I wanted to implement a girls on trip for the class. The boys counterpart class did a camping trip but I wanted to take the girls to the ocean. While the Georgia coast is beautiful, I couldn't stop thinking of the beautiful senior trip from three years before. I knew that it was a long trip for a weekend but I truly believed that it was something that would be an unforgettable memory for the girls. I called the realtor, lobbied for the opportunity to go, and thankfully had the support of the school, and the trip took place. 
I have to say that it was wonderful to go back. It was such a precious time with the girls and we made so many memories. One thing that I loved was the surprise that many of the girls had about how nice the house was! One girl even admitted that she had thought I might have been exaggerating the beauty. We all had a good laugh about that! It was a very short trip but it was a beautiful time and I loved the opportunity to go back to Isle of Palms!
The weekend was extremely short (we literally had less then 48 hours in Isle of Palms!) and I only got a few pictures. We had a great time and I knew that I wanted to take next years class back but also knew it needed to be a little longer!

I was SO grateful for the opportunity to go back in 2012.
The 2012 trip was filled with lots of beauty, special moments, and lots of laughter. It was a dream trip that brought so many precious memories with it. It was filled with amazing women and beautiful conversations.
We were able to spend more time at Isle of Palms and it was simply lovely. We had lovely moments hanging out at the beach, playing games at night (ok, I admit it- those were a little bit of a disaster!), talking, watching movies, going out to dinner, and enjoying simple days filled with lots of laughter.
If I didn't have enough pictures from the 2011 trip I had hundreds from the 2012 trip. (Thank you beautiful weather and a new camera! *smiles*)
This time of year I can't help but think of these precious memories and trips to Isle of Palms, South Carolina. If you haven't had the chance to go I greatly encourage you to take a trip! I can't wait to go back someday! Isle of Palms is truly filled with beauty, close to Charleston, filled with history, provides amazing restaurants, wonderful shopping, and lovely opportunities to spend time with loved ones at the beach.


  1. I love Isle of Palms! Charleston is my favorite city!

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE the ocean too and everytime we go on vacation, I want to always go by the ocean. I have to check out Isle of Palms. Love the photos!

  3. We visited there about a year ago... I can't remember if it was Easter weekend or Memorial Day or when, lol. But it was beautiful! It's only about 3-4 hours for us, and I'd love to go back often :-)

  4. Haven't been to this beach before but I need to get there soon! The pics are beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful time had by all :) Are there plans for another trip this summer?

  5. I need to go there, now! I have all of these trips I want to take now that I am in the Carolina's! the Isles just got added to the list!