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January 13, 2024


caravan sonnet

Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you had a wonderful first week of 2024! Today I am excited to share the top 5 items that y'all have loved the most from the Caravan Sonnet Shoppe this week! This week was such a sweet week of sales for the shoppe and it has been SO exciting to see! THANK YOU so much for ALL of your support of the shoppe! It truly means more than words can express!

Thank you again for all of your support! 

caravan sonnet

Before I start- did you get a chance to download the FREE guide for 100 currently profitable digital products and course topic ideas that I shared last week? You can click HERE to download it! AND guess what- this is one of the TOP 5 best sellers/downloads of this week! Read below for more information!

Here are the top 5 best sellers of last week:

caravan sonnet
Rating: 4 Stars!!
Price: $142.00 ** (will be increasing)

This bundle includes ALL of the powerpoint presentations and resources lessons with colorful and animated sections for Personal Finance for an ENTIRE semester!! With over 475 powerpoint presentation pages/slides/PDFs/Classroom Decor Posters/Activity/Google Classroom Covers and Keys and more! (478 to be exact!!) you will be ready to have a foundation to teach your personal finance class for a semester!

When I first started teaching personal finance I wasn't even sure where to begin and lots of the materials that were available that could be found (which was extremely limited) seemed out of date and very boring. Creating these resources for my students helped bring this material alive in new ways and these powerpoints will help be a foundation for your semester also!

**NOTE: This is a growing bundle and more resources will continue to be added including lesson plans, more powerpoints, classroom activities, classroom assignments, and SO MUCH MORE! A growing bundle means that you purchase an incomplete resource at a discounted price and will receive the new items as they are added for no additional charge! As more resources are added, the price will go up so purchase it while it's at the lowest price!**

Click HERE to purchase!
Price: $3.25

This Economic Powerpoint Contains 15 Powerpoint Slides with colorful and animated sections all about the Economic Way of Thinking!  This Powerpoint can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

Click HERE to purchase!

from broke teacher to after school success
Rating: 5 STARS!!
Price: FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This FREE guide is a gift from me to you, my fellow educators and dreamers, who are ready to transform their lives through passive income! Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Your support means the world.

For TPT Sellers of ANY niche!
(This would also be an appropriate resource for a Personal Finance Class (teaching Passive Income), Business class or a College and Career Prep Class)
Personal Finance/Business Class
Unit: ALL Personal Finance Units // ALL Business Units

I am so excited to share this INCREDIBLE resource with you! As a fellow TPT Creator and Shop Owner I know how fulfilling it is to see your educational creations and resources helping teachers and changing students lives. One of the missions of Caravan Sonnet Shoppe is to make each year an "uncommon year"... a year that truly changes your classroom and each student who enters.

But it can be extremely difficult to not be able to bring in the income that you desire so that you can chase your dreams and that is where THIS FREE guide can help you! It has helped me and changed me and I know it can do the same thing for you! By applying some simple tips you can connect more deeply with your community and make more sales- NO matter the size of your following!

THIS guide will help you!

What You'll Discover:
1. Insights from my personal journey
2. Practical ideas for digital products and digital courses for financial empowerment
3. Tips of topic/niche ideas
4. Actionable topics to explore for after-school success

This FREE guide will help you be inspired to reach wider audiences and diversify your passive income streams to create the life you want!

This guide is a transformational experience that encompasses simple and practical tips and strategies that you can implement to create digital products and courses!

Concerned because you are a beginner? This guide is for you! No matter the stage from beginner to expert this will help you reach your goals!

Click HERE to purchase!
Price: $1.50
Want to Read an Entire Blog Post About this Resource? Click HERE!

Looking for beautiful and educational banner themes for your Personal Finance Google Classroom? Are you tired and bored with the limited finance themes that are offered on Google Classroom?

Then this listing is PERFECT for you!

These 35 different banners are made to fit perfectly in the Google Banner section so it is easy to upload a different theme as often as you want throughout the year! Banners include pictures of a variety of different types of scenes including:

Click HERE to purchase!

caravan sonnet

Price: $3.00
See an entire blog post about this resource by clicking HERE!

This resource contains 10 PDF Print Personal Finance Posters from the Modern Botanical Collection. These beautiful, colorful, engaging, and educational posters are 18x24 inches and can be easily printed to hang up in your classroom or be used in a variety of different ways for classroom decor.

These posters contain practical financial encouragement which can help encourage students as they create their own concepts and ideas on personal finance. It will also help you in your discussions of these topics!

This resource will be particularly helpful for all different students who may be coming from a variety of income backgrounds!

This resources includes quotes from the following famous people:
  • Plato
  • Seneca
  • Edmund Burke
  • Anne Frank
  • David Bach

and more!!

Click HERE to purchase!
caravan sonnet
So there are the 5 top best sellers from last week! I am so excited to see this week what the top sellers will be! 

I also want to take a moment to say thank you for every single purchase that has been made in the shop. I hope by sharing the products that others are finding helpful in case you or a teacher/homeschool mama friend or tutor could find them useful also. This wouldn't be possible without YOU. So thank you again for your support! If you have purchased something from the shop- would you take a moment to leave a review? Reviews for shops are SO important and I SO appreciate your help and time!

Looking for the shop? Click HERE! Happy Saturday friends!

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