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August 8, 2022


caravan sonnet

Happy Monday friends! I am so excited to share with y'all a new product that went into the caravan sonnet shoppe at teachers pay teachers recently! This is a resource for personal finance teachers at the high school level

If you would like to go directly to this resource you can click HERE!
caravan sonnet

Looking for beautiful and educational banner themes for your Personal Finance Google Classroom? Are you tired and bored with the limited finance themes that are offered on Google Classroom?

Then this listing is PERFECT for you!

caravan sonnet

These 12 different banners are made to fit perfectly in the Google Banner section so it is easy to upload a different theme as often as you want throughout the year! 

caravan sonnet

Banners include pictures of a variety of different types of scenes including:

*Piggy Bank Holding

*Budget Meeting (as a couple)

*Education and Money


*Friendships and more!

caravan sonnet

These banners will help your Google Classroom stand out and even be able to add variety and change throughout the year. Whether you are doing virtual learning or just want an easy way to add beautiful and educational banner themes throughout the year this will help you accomplish your goals!

caravan sonnet

You can also use these banners in a variety of different additional ways throughout your class:


*google form headers



*and many more ideas!

caravan sonnet
The cost of this resource is only $1.50(!!) and with 12 slides it is a unique resource that can be used every year for your classroom needs!
caravan sonnet

If you would like to purchase these banners you can find it HERE

Thank you so much for all of your support of the shoppe! If you would like to check out the shoppe you can find it HERE! Thank you again friends! Happy Monday!

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