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January 5, 2024


caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
Happy Friday friends and Happy New Year!! I hope that you have had a lovely and wonderful first few days of this 2024 year! As we approach this first weekend of the 2024 year, I hope that your weekend is full of relaxation and restoration! I am grateful for this sweet space to spend time with you each day! January in this space is always precious as it will be ELEVEN years ago on January 23rd that Caravan Sonnet! I already have tears at so much that has happened, the blessings of this space, and ALL of you over these almost eleven years! I can't wait to celebrate with y'all and look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come!

But for today- here are some of my favorite things from this past week! First of all.... 
caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
WOW. WOW. Just WOW. I am honestly speechless y'all. 

Friends, when I posted this earlier this week I was hopeful it would encourage someone but the response has been overwhelming to hear so many of your stories, your heart on this new year, and your inspiring stories of bravery and courage to be showing up in the midst of some very hard things. Thank you for trusting me with your story and I hope that (as I said in the post) this year will be a year of peace and blessing for you. If you haven't read the post yet click HERE
caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
One of the things that I wanted to do this year was change my time with the Lord a bit. With my current schedule it was not working as well for me to do an extended time with the Lord in the morning as it used to. I was needing to get up earlier and earlier (which is not a bad thing but for some understanding I currently hold a job in the morning before my full time job so I am already up very early) and knew that physically I needed sleep. I decided to switch things around and do a short devotional in the morning and then throughout the day and later in the day do additional time. Y'all... I started this before the new year started and this has been a HUGE blessing to me. 

I am sharing that because I find that a lot of times there is a huge push to have a BIG time with the Lord at one time and in the morning. At different seasons of life that has worked really well for me. If it is working well for you, that is awesome. But if it doesn't work well for you I would encourage you to find a short and encouraging devotional (like the one above) to start your day and then examine your schedule for time throughout or later in the day. 

This devotional has been perfect to literally wake up to. There are some challenges that are happening currently behind the scenes (someday I will share more but in the meantime we do covet prayers), and in this devotional you have a short scripture verse, reflection on a daily reading, a prayer for the morning and then a thought to meditate on. This devotional is short and yet it has gently reminded me each morning about God's goodness and the expectant hope we have in Him! 

You can find it on Amazon HERE.

If you have done this one and are looking for a similar type devotional, I have also loved, Choosing Life for the mornings. I have mentioned in the past during the time of fighting for my health and it is an amazing book. I pretty much return to it every other year! You can find it on Amazon HERE!
caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
3. Christmas Break Adventures
I am so excited to start sharing next week all about our Christmas Break adventures. It was a beautiful time with my sister in South Carolina, traveling to some different places with my mom, rounded out by my nieces wedding in Georgia. We are recovering from all of the driving (I think we figured out that we had driven more than 50 hours in the span of 10 days!) but are so grateful for a wonderful time, safety, and the blessings that happened during our trip. 
caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
One of the most beautiful blessings of our time away was that despite traveling, never once mentioning passive income or talking about it on social media for all of that time away, passive income continued to come in. Each and every day I was amazed to see on my phone notifications of passive income coming in and I literally had not one time every talked about it or mentioned it. 

Y'all. Start this new year off with starting your journey in passive income. Read my FREE guide HERE or if you are a teacher, read my FREE GUIDE FOR TEACHERS HERE

The cost of things are skyrocketing and the cost of living is just increasing. In this very difficult financial times I can't stop talking about Passive Income because of how much it has changed my life. The knowledge from a $7 course (YES, it is ONLY $7!!!) that you learn (click HERE) and the opportunity to learn and earn while you receive AMAZING education through the Digital Marketing Course (that you can resell!!- click HERE) has been LIFE CHANGING. Y'all. Take the step today with the free guides. You will be amazed.

I used to pray for just one sale a day and now I have multiple sales coming in through multiple streams of income every single day. This is happening while I sleep, while I work, and while I spend time with my loved ones- even during the time of cleaning out rooms and getting organized. 

What could passive income do for your life?? Start your journey today with the free guides! You are NOT going to regret this. What you will regret is not starting sooner. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. This can be done from ANYWHERE in the world!!!

caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
Oh my goodness. Y'all. So in all of the years of traveling for personal and work here on the blog, one thing that I have always loved is the cozy luxury feel of quality towels at certain places. The cozy feel, the plush and luxury quality, and just the feeling that you are at a spa is always a happy thing. But let's be real... at home I still have towels that are from my college days from 20 years ago. They are nearly falling apart but it just seemed like it wasn't the time to purchase towels. And then I found these Standard Textile Towels... and it has been a little love affair. *smiles*

I found some on sale and they are truly a dream. If you are looking for amazing new towels... go and purchase these immediately. These are fantastic y'all. They are worth every single penny and seriously. You will love them. You can find these towels on Amazon HERE or the entire Standard Textile Store HERE!
caravan sonnet rebecca vandemark
Recently this book (2nd edition was released in 2017) has been selling so quickly and I have been so humbled at the sweet response and love that I have received from it. The most popular comment I receive is "I didn't know you wrote other books than Lyme Disease/Chronic Illness Books" ... and yes I do! *smiles* 

December Caravan was written from my heart many years ago and is a collection of personal short stories, encouragement, and inspiration on finding hope in the ordinary moments of life. Beginning when her world crumbled after her ex-fiance walked out of their relationship to being diagnosed with several serious health issues, Rebecca shares openly and vulnerably from her heart and life. Covering heartbreak, loss, joy, and hope, December Caravan shares short stories to encourage the weary heart. No matter your circumstance, December Caravan will encourage you to find hope in the tender mercy of grace.

You can purchase the book HERE!
caravan sonnet
With Caravan Sonnet turning eleven years old this month I thought it would be fun on Fridays to share some older posts from the blog! One of the things that Caravan Sonnet developed into was a a resource for those looking into cruising around the United States and World.

One of my favorite cruises I ever took was a trip with my sister was on a Disney Cruise! And if you missed the post then you know that we are so excited that my sister has gifted the most amazing gift- a cruise in the Spring with Disney!! We are SO excited about this and looking forward to it with great anticipation beyond belief!! And that first cruise was SO special y'all... it was absolutely amazing. We still talk about this trip and all of the precious memories that we made. You can read all about the cruise HERE.

One of the most popular posts is one that I wrote back in 2018 was about our time in Castaway Cay. You can read the post HERE

Interested in other Cruise Experiences/ Itineraries on the blog? Check out these links below:
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and more that can be found on my restorative travel page which you can find HERE!

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday and weekend friends! Thank you for making this such an incredible space to come to and connect with every single day. I am so blessed!!

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  1. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas break and wow to all of the driving!