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January 9, 2024


caravan sonnet
Happy Tuesday friends! Today I am so excited to share about the top well loved and read travel posts of 2023 were with this community! If you haven't had a chance to read these posts then I hope this will provide you with some inspiration on this beautiful January morning! 
caravan sonnet
I have loved seeing how this post remains in the top 5 read travel posts on my blog ever since I wrote it back in 2015! Each year I update the post with relevant information and it is hard to believe that it has been EIGHT years since I originally wrote it. 

At the time I wrote it I was heading on my first New England and Canadian Cruise in the early fall and the weather in October varied. At the time I had researched for tips and I couldn't find any so it was a fun post to write and I love that it has been helpful to others!

My mom and I had the beautiful opportunity to take a different New England and Canada cruise with Holland America in the late summer of 2019 (you can read about it HERE) and this list came in handy when we were packing. No matter the time of year you may be traveling on a cruise through or to New England and Canada I hope you find this helpful!

You can find the post HERE!
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When I went on my first river cruise in 2017/2018 I was a complete newbie! While I have done a lot of ocean cruising, I knew nothing about river cruising and searched to find the best packing lists so that I wouldn't forget anything. 

I fell in love with River Cruising on our Rhine River Cruise with Viking Cruises six years ago. You can read all about our beautiful adventure HERE! Honestly I dream of doing another river cruise because it was simply so wonderful. I love all cruising but if you haven't had a chance to do a river cruise, I can't recommend it enough!

This post is perfect if you are in this same position and are afraid of forgetting something- don't worry! This list will help remind you of 5 things not to forget in your planning! 

You can read the article HERE!
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One of the questions that I receive on a weekly basis is for packing tips and suggestions along with vacation tips! These are great questions and realistic needs as you plan to leave on a trip and before I went on my first Caribbean Cruise back in 2014 I spent a ton of time researching these answers. 

Since that time ten years ago I have been so blessed to go on 5 additional cruises including  a river cruise on the Rhine River (which I mention in #2 above) and am looking forward to some additional cruising adventures in the coming year! (As a side note if you ever want to see where I am heading next for travel you can find the information HERE!) 

I share that to say that along the way there has been lots of different learning curves and so I hope that this list of 10 things to do before you leave on your Caribbean Cruise post will help you have a stress-free and fun-filled and memorable vacation!

You can read this blog post HERE!
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I originally wrote this blog post back in 2016 and also update it every single year. It remains one of the most read posts on this blog with several HUNDRED thousand reads and saves! Y'all. I am always humbled and shocked when something I have shared could help someone. I am so thankful that it is helpful! 

The 16 unexpected but necessary things to bring on every cruise listed in this post will help you with any type of cruise you are going on at any time of the year. While a lot of packing tips and lists can be found on the internet that include the usual items you would think to bring (clothes, camera, passport/documents/toiletries/etc) I wanted to share a few things that you might forget and are unexpected but are must pack items. I hope you find it as helpful as other people have!

You can read this blog post HERE!
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Back in June of last year I wrote this post of the ten best travel tips of all time that I wanted to share. It has been a joy to explore this beautiful earth and to discover new places, new friendships, and to find grace in everywhere I visit. Travel to me is not escaping or "finding myself" but instead is about enormous joy and grace in new places.  It is about learning cultures, the stories of people in different places in our beautiful world, and the history of what makes a place. 

It is inspiring. 
It is encouraging.
It is transformative.

And if done well... it can be restorative.

I began sharing about traveling and taking adventures on the blog when I was extremely sick and looking to find the joy and hope in everyday. In the years since that time I have been so blessed to travel and see parts of the world I only once dreamed of. I hope though that the places that are shared here on the blog will inspire you to visit and help in your own planning for your perfect cozy luxury adventure. At the end of the day I truly believe that as I shared in 2014 when I was mostly bed ridden that adventure starts right where you are and not in an actual place. In saying that I hope that these travel tips in this post are inspiring and encouraging as you plan your next trip and adventure... whether that is in your own back yard or somewhere thousands of miles away.

You can find the article HERE!
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Thank you so much for reading today friends! What have been your favorite travel posts you have read this year? 

I am so looking forward to sharing so many fun and beautiful adventures this year. It is a BIG year of traveling for Caravan Sonnet and I am so excited to share with y'all some beautiful collaborations, tips, and ideas for your own travels that I hope will inspire you. 

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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