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October 10, 2023

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Your posture is the way you position your body. Adopting a good posture can prevent many long-term health issues like back pain and circulation issues. It can also make you appear taller and more confident. Below are just a few different tips for developing a better posture.

Stand up straight

Many people walk with a stoop. Not only can this make you appear less confident, but it can develop into a hunchback as you get older if you’re not careful. You can prevent this by learning to walk with your shoulder back and head up high. This can take the strain off your spine and give you a more confident look. Just try not to lean back too much as you walk (common among pregnant and obese people) as this too can cause separate spinal issues in the long run. 

Sit back

It’s important to not just avoid hunching over as you stand but also as you sit. Many of us naturally lean forward as we sit at a desk, but this is not good for our spine. Sitting upright is much healthier - if you work at a desk, this may require you to make sure that your monitor is at eye level and that your chair is not positioned too high. Make sure that you’re also not twisting your body, that you have enough legroom and that you have enough elbow room - working in cramped conditions or sitting at awkward angles can also cause health problems. 

Wear flats

While many of us love how we look in heels, it’s important not to wear heels too often. Shoes with raised heels force us to walk with our legs extended and hips forward, which is an unnatural position to be in for long periods. This can lead to lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain or ankle pain in the long run. Wearing flats can help us to encourage healthier body alignment. 

Try pilates

Pilates exercises are designed to improve posture, while also improving balance and core strength. They involve holding the body in certain positions while moving arms and legs. After several sessions of pilates, you may find yourself naturally wanting to adopt a healthier posture in everything you do. A pilates instructor can teach you to improve your posture. Some have experience helping people with existing posture issues and may even be able to offer some rehabilitation. 

Sleep on it

Your posture as you sleep is important too. Certain sleeping positions could be putting a strain on your joints. Generally speaking, it’s healthier to sleep on your back or your side than on your front. This is because your spine is more supported in these positions. Sleeping with additional pillows can help to also protect your joints when in certain sleeping positions. Side sleepers for example can take pressure off their hips by sleeping with a pillow between their legs, while back sleepers with existing back pain take pressure off the spine by sleeping with a pillow beneath the knees. 

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