friday favorites- october 27

October 27, 2023


caravan sonnet

Happy Friday friends! I hope that you have had a lovely and wonderful week and beginning of October!

Today is going to be a quick Friday Favorites post because we are spending every minute with packing up the cabin to move out this weekend. It has been a BUSY week and definitely appreciate prayers as for energy and strength as we finish all of the last minute items. It is a lot of work and so your prayers are definitely appreciated!

Here are some of my favorite things from this past week! First of all.... 
caravan sonnet
If you missed it, the week started off in the most humbling and emotional way... I will never take my health for granted. Thank you Lord... so incredibly grateful. You can read HERE!
caravan sonnet
I am definitely talking about this a LOT and that is because of how passionate I am as I believe that this can help anyone at any age or stage of life. I am passionate about helping people in whatever stage of life that they are at discover the amazing opportunities that passive income brings. If you missed my reel on this and want to find out more information click HERE. I also wrote an entire blog post on this picture HERE.

Trust me friends, if I can do it anyone can do this. You just need the right education and this is possible. Check out my Stan Store for lots of different places to start (click HERE) or check out Caravan Sonnet School for the Digital Marketing Course (also known as the Roadmap To Riches Course). 

If you do nothing else today take the first step and download my FREE ebook. You will not regret making this journey!

I  hope that you have a wonderful Friday friends! Thank you for making this such an incredible space to come to and connect with every single day. I am so blessed!!

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  1. That is great news about your health, what a relief that must have been.