5 essential items to swap out every year for peak cleanliness

October 2, 2023

 Alright, let’s chat about the overlooked aspects of cleanliness and hygiene. We all have those trusty items that feel like they’ve been with us forever, but some things just shouldn’t overstay their welcome. Cleaning and decluttering is more than just getting rid of the old; it’s about keeping our surroundings neat and tidy. Let’s uncover five items you might be surprised to find out need an annual refresh. 

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#1. Sponges And Dish Brushes

Let’s kick things off in the kitchen. Have you ever given a thought to the lifespan of that sponge sitting by your sink? Even though it might look fine, it’s secretly holding onto food particles and becoming a party spot for bacteria. While a hot water rinse or microwaving can help a bit, the best move is to swap them out a few times a year. On your next shopping trip, maybe look for eco-friendly options. There are some made of natural fibers or recycled materials that do the job just as well.

#2. A Little Secret About Underwear

Underwear is a bit like wine - some age better than others. But let’s be real; no matter how well you wash them, after a while, it’s time to part ways. And when you’re thinking about updating that lingerie drawer, women’s underwear by Natori might be your go-to. They’ve mastered the art of combining hygiene with style. On the daily, perhaps lean into breathable fabrics like cotton. But hey, nobody said you couldn’t treat yourself to a dash of silk or lace once in a while.

#3. Toothbrushes And Bath Loofahs

Ever noticed how after a few months your toothbrush bristles look like they’ve seen better days? Dentists aren’t just nagging for fun; they recommend changing brushes every three months. And those bath loofahs? Just like sponges, they’re secretly hoarding bacteria. Next time you’re in the market for a brush, maybe consider bamboo ones. They’re eco-friendly and have natural antibacterial vibes. For loofahs, how about a sea sponge? They’re quick-drying and just as effective.

#4. Bed Pillows

Sure, you change your pillowcases, but when was the last time you gave a thought to the pillows themselves? They slowly collect uninvited guests like dust mites and allergens. Even if they get a wash now and then, a yearly replacement isn’t too much to ask. When shopping around, think hypoallergenic. Or, for something a tad bit more luxurious, silk-filled pillows could be the ticket. They’re naturally resistant to all the yucky stuff and have a bonus of being gentle on the skin.

#5. Reusable Water Bottles

Well done for ditching disposable plastic bottles! But even the trusty reusable ones need a refresh. Even with a regular wash, certain parts, like under the cap, can get sketchy. So, an annual swap might be in order. On your next buy, check out bottles with wider mouths - they’re easier to clean. Glass or stainless steel? They’re the best at fighting off bacteria and keeping things clean and tasty.


Sprucing up these essentials annually isn’t just a cleanliness ritual; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. The goal isn’t just about staying sanitary; it’s about ensuring the space is a true reflection of the fabulous individual living in it. Cleanliness might be next to godliness, but with these swaps, it’s also next to stylishness!

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