Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

January 13, 2023

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If you are on a capsule wardrobe mission this year, you might need some assistance with planning and maintaining the most effective minimalist wardrobe for your lifestyle. An effective capsule wardrobe should include base layers, flexi-dresses, t-shirts and tops, and footwear. Use the checklist below to help you design and maintain a capsule wardrobe that works. 

Base Layers 

Base layers come in different shapes and sizes. In purest terms, a base layer is like a second layer of skin; it is usually made from tight, stretchy, synthetic materials that trap the heat and provide maximum flexibility. However, base layers can also include normal leggings and vests. 

It’s important to have some base layers in your capsule wardrobe as a foundation for your outer garments. Base layers and very helpful in a capsule wardrobe because they can create a color palette and help you to modify your wardrobe as you move through the annual style seasons.  


Make sure you have a selection of flexi-dresses in your capsule wardrobe to give you plenty of style options depending on the season or the occasion. Flexi-dresses are garments that can be worn casually or formally; they also have a flexible style allowing them to fit with capsule items.   

Flexi-dresses are available in many style options; they can be plain or patterned, but they are always comfortable and versatile. View some fantastic flexi-dress options at Johnny Was plus size dresses, where you can find a range of plus-size dresses perfect for capsule wardrobes. 

T-shirts and Tops 

Again, t-shirts and tops are indispensable when it comes to a capsule wardrobe; t-shirts and tops help you to balance the colors and styles of your wardrobe, so they fit with your current style sense and give your plenty of versatile options without your wardrobe becoming too busy.

T-shirts and tops can be stylish, but it’s often better if they are plain and follow your personal color palette. Base layers tend to be solid black or brown, so t-shirts and tops can offset them in the direction of your styles. Choose between loud ones or ones that have more subdued tones.


Don’t forget about footwear in your capsule wardrobe; you need to have the right footwear for the lifestyle you live so that you are comfortable and water-resistant and enjoy improved performances if you go for long walks or hikes. It’s best to understand lifestyle habits first. 

Most people need a pair of everyday shoes or boots to wear; these should be well-made, so they handle the demands of daily usage. A pair of smart shoes or boots are also needed for special occasions, and you might require a third pair for your walks and hikes in the mountains.     

Outer/Inner Wear 

Now that we have the basics of the capsule wardrobe worked out, it’s time to think about the outer and inner wear. What are you going to wear for a coat or jacket, and what about underwear? With a capsule wardrobe, the aim is to minimize the clothing items that you keep. 

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