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January 27, 2023


caravan sonnet
Happy Friday friends! I hope that you have had the most wonderful week! It has been a busy week over here for me and an incredibly special one in this space. First of all.... 
caravan sonnet
This pats week the blog celebrated ten years. TEN years.... I am in shock in so many ways y'all. 

Thank you for being the most amazing and supportive community for this past decade of the Caravan Sonnet blog and brand. I could never have imagined what this last decade would bring when I started the blog...

I am so grateful for this community, the brands who have collaborated with Caravan Sonnet, and the support of each of you. Thank you for being part of one of the biggest blessings and adventures of my life. I am so incredibly grateful...

I posted on Instagram a sweet and simple reel trying to convey my gratitude for this beautiful community. Please click HERE to see it! Thank you so much again for everything

caravan sonnet
2. The Lyme Boutique
I am so excited to share that next week this shop is officially launching!! I will be sharing more next week but my little heart is so excited to have a dedicated space for Lyme Patients and those who love them to purchase cozy, comforting, and encouraging products for the Lyme Disease Journey. 

A portion of all proceeds will be going to help Lyme patients in a new foundation that I have been creating! More to come next week but after planning, prepping, and working on this for over a year my heart is so full with excitement over this new adventure! 
caravan sonnet
In the upcoming months there are so many fun trips that will be happening and I was excited to share some important travel tips earlier this week on the blog for those who may be leaving your state for a trip also! Sharing 10 important tips HERE!
caravan sonnet
I have shared about this show before, but y'all season 4 (you can find it HERE), is so good that I had to mention it again. This was a great discovery last year that we made- y'all... I feel like all of America should sit down and watch this show. It is inspiring and amazing. You need to watch it- you will not be disappointed! The fourth season just started last week and honestly I feel like each season gets better. We really enjoyed season 2 and then season 3 came out and now I think that one was the best...and now this season has started and by week 2 you are already attached and inspired by different people. They are all just so good! You can find it on Amazon Prime HERE.

With Caravan Sonnet turning ten years old I thought it would be fun on Friday to share some older posts from the blog! For this week it seemed fitting to share the very first post! You can read it HERE!

Thank you for making this such an incredible space to come to and connect with every single day. I am so blessed!!

Thank you for stopping by today friends! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

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