Making a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe this Winter

November 9, 2022

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When you first do it, it is surprising how challenging it is to make a sustainable capsule wardrobe with under 30 pieces. But here are some tips to get you started this winter.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to keep in your closet a small number of essential, classic pieces that you can mix and match over time. It's a way to make your wardrobe your own by filling it with items you like and that match your lifestyle, but only up to 30 parts to keep it manageable and cheap. But you shouldn't include underwear and accessories like sustainable jewelry from Jcunicorn, or you won't have much room left for your winter clothes.

Sort Your Clothing

The objective is to create a closet out of classic designs that can be worn together or alone. You can add more or less to your wardrobe as you like. This list will need to be changed based on where you live, what you do for a living and your style. But this is a good starting point most of the time. Take a moment to look through all of your clothes. There are many places that could use your hand-me-downs, like thrift stores and shelters for people who have been abused.

Decide What to Keep for a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

You could also get in touch with relatives or friends to see if there is anything they would make use of. This is a great way to give many of your old or unwanted clothes a second chance. By doing this, you'll help keep a lot of wearable items out of landfills and show people the value of used clothing. Once you know what clothes keep you comfortable, try to give them more life by adding more fabric or remaking them, so they keep you warm in the winter months.

Be Mindful of Each Clothing Purchase

You don't have to keep all your old items when making a winter wardrobe that will last. You can also buy new things. But you need to think carefully about each new purchase, so you don't buy more than 30 pieces. Every purchase you make should be planned. You just need to fill in some holes in your closet. Quality is more important than quantity in this case since you'll be using the clothes more than once. So you need them to last until spring when you do it all over again.

Don't Follow Trends Moving Forward

You don't have to follow trends to be stylish. But when you go shopping for winter clothes, you should always choose the classics. Knit and cashmere clothes are good investments because they will last for a long time. You can't go wrong with a quality pair of ankle boots and a black or beige winter coat, either. Of course, if you've got a winter capsule wardrobe full of essentials, it's easier to mix and match. But think outside the box when you choose your winter clothes.


There's a trick and a learning curve to developing a sustainable capsule wardrobe. First, you can try sorting your clothes, donating what you don't need, and being mindful of every purchase.

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