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November 18, 2022

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Happy Friday friends! I am excited to join back in with "Friday Favorites" again this week! I love how preparing for this post each week really makes me think about all of the things that I am grateful for!! So here are some of my favorites from this past week, including a huge thank you for all of your sweet support as I vulnerably shared about a new adventure this past week...
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Writing and sharing my heart behind this was truly one of the most vulnerable and heart opening things I have ever written about in nearly 10 years of blogging. I know that sounds surprising because I have shared so much here on the blog over the course of a decade including my journey of fighting for my life, but this was a different level of opening up to one of the most vulnerable parts of my life. A deepest desire longing that has not come true yet. 
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Thank you so much for all of the support, love, and encouragement that you have given. 
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If you didn't get a chance to read the blog post explaining more you can find it HERE
And, if you are single and in your thirties, fourties, or fifties I hope that you will connect with others HERE
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2. First Snowfall
We had our first snowfall on Wednesday, so naturally I am dreaming of snow covered cottages, pretty red chairs, and cozy winter fires and winter adventures in my beautiful Adirondack mountains!
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3. Shoveling Snow
I know that this will cause many people to stop and say "no way", but shoveling snow is something that I honestly enjoy doing. I truly do. When I was so sick for so many years I desperately wanted to do all of the "normal things" that so many people could do. Shoveling snow is one of those things to me and I really do enjoy it. 
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4. New Holiday Items in the Caravan Sonnet Shoppe
I mentioned this every week but you truly are a blessing! I continue to be so grateful for all of your support of Caravan Sonnet Shoppe! I try to add in new items daily and it has been fun to be adding some holiday items these days! 

If you missed Wednesday's blog post on the top 10 ways to save money on thanksgiving and friendsgiving dinner you can read it HERE and find the resource HERE!

If you are not familiar with the shoppe Caravan Sonnet Shoppe provides colorful, creative, and educational middle and high school personal finance and history teacher resources. This is personal finance and history re-imagined for middle and high schoolers and those that teach them. If you are a teacher or homeschool mama or know of a teacher or homeschool mama that teaches these subjects I hope you will take a moment to check out the shoppe!

 If you are looking for the shop, you can find it HERE!
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5. 15 Ways to Help a Friend With a Chronic Illness at Thanksgiving
I shared yesterday a very popular post from the blog about 15 Ways to Help a Friend with a Chronic Illness at Thanksgiving and I was overwhelmed again by all of the messages of encouragement and gratitude for this post. I am SO thankful that you found it helpful. 

If you are looking for additional ideas related to the holiday season and helping those with chronic illness? Check out these posts below: 

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As this Christmas season approaches, I am well aware that it can be a very difficult & painful season to face while fighting a serious illness like Lyme Disease. This devotional is the first & only Lyme patient specific book for the Advent & Christmas season & contains a daily reflection & song for each day of the Christmas holiday (from the last week of November through the first week of January). It can be used as a simple encouragement to the weary heart or as a guided devotional study.

If are not a Lyme patient, but know a Lymie this would be a great gift to give them! If you don't know a Lymie & would still like to help I have a list of Lyme patients who want to purchase this book but due to treatment costs can't afford to do so. 
If you would like to bless them anonymously please contact me or leave a comment & I will message instructions!! You can also purchase a book and donate it to your doctors office, local hospital, local library, etc. 

I have one request: if you have read it would you consider leaving a review on Amazon for others to know more about this book? It doesn't have to be long, but ANY reviews that help potential future readers learn more about this book would be such an incredible blessing! Reviews are truly a huge thing for authors & your time is truly appreciated! Thank you! Thank you for your support of not only my books but of Lyme patients around the world!

Thank you for stopping by today friends! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

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