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November 29, 2022

caravan sonnet
On this "Giving Tuesday", I have shared on instagram some of my favorite places, organizations, and people to support and give to. In various ways, I have had personal contact or worked with each group and have personal knowledge about how amazing each one is. 

Listed in the reel are the following:

If you don't feel called to give there is still a way to make this day special:

*thank someone who has changed your life (Give thanks)
*give someone a kind word (Give Hope)
*pay for something that a friend or family member needs (Giving Financially)
*give love to those who are in front of you (Giving support)
*call someone who is lonely (Giving time)
*help a widow with a task around the house she would otherwise need to pay for (Giving Time)
*donate a skill (like photography, etc) for an organization (Giving your Skill)

"No one has ever become poor by giving." 
// Anne Frank /

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