canadian pacific holiday train // adirondacks, upstate new york

November 29, 2022

caravan sonnet
A fun new holiday tradition...seeing the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train! If it is in your area go and see it! It was a fun way to celebrate the holidays and free to experience! If you visit a "stopping" point there is a concert and an opportunity to donate food items to help those in your community! We had a fun night "chasing the train" in different locations and enjoying the fun with tons of laughter!

Want to see a video of the train? Check out the reel on Instagram HERE!

Looking for a fun Christmas adventure with the train? Check out the schedule for your area HERE!

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  1. You posted on my birthday! I just came across your blog and love the content, especially your January 2022 post about your updates. I'm so sorry about that tough season. Someone replied and said we must try to live. I'm trying to, even though I often think it would be easy to be with Jesus now. Anyway, I just wanted to comment and say I love your blog.