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April 11, 2022


caravan sonnet

Happy Monday friends! I am so excited to share with y'all a new product that went into the caravan sonnet shoppe at teachers pay teachers recently! This is a resource for personal finance teachers at the high school or college level

caravan sonnet
If you would like to go directly to this resource you can click HERE!
caravan sonnet

This Powerpoint has 8 Powerpoint Slides with colorful, animated, engaging, and educational sections on Identity Theft. This Powerpoint Presentation is specifically helpful if you are wanting dive deeper into the unit of Identity Theft/Scams which has always been extremely popular with my students in my classes! 

caravan sonnet

This powerpoint can also be helpful if you need a substitute filler around this unit! However you are using this- this will be a way to help students (and their families!) think about this subject in new ways and help this come alive for your students.This resource will help bring creative engagement to your lectures!
caravan sonnet
The powerpoint can be used in powerpoint form or can be easily converted into Google Slides for your convenience.
caravan sonnet
This resource covers a variety of topics including: 

*Definition of Identity Theft

* Major Identity Theft Rings

* Major Identity Theft Information

* Identity Theft Tactics

* How to Protect Against Identity Theft

* How to Respond to Identity Theft

caravan sonnet
The cost of the powerpoint is only $2.25(!!) and with 7 slides it is a couple of days worth of teaching resources and can be used every year for your classroom needs!
caravan sonnet

If you would like to purchase this powerpoint you can find it HERE

caravan sonnet

Thank you so much for all of your support of the shoppe! If you would like to check out the shoppe you can find it HERE

Can I ask 2 HUGE favors? 

(1)- If you are not already following the shoppe could you please do so? Even if you are not a teacher or don't plan to purchase things the number of followers does influence potential buyers and this would show incredible support! 

(2)- If you have purchased something would you please take a moment and leave a review? It doesn't have to be long, but reviews are SO helpful to new shoppe owners like myself. 


This has been an incredible blessing and you are making this possible!! Thank you again friends! Happy Monday!

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