Leaving Your Clients With A Friendly, Positive Impression

April 29, 2022

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Many businesses operate by interacting with, servicing, and building relationships with clients. This is true of many trades, and while the term “client” can differ from “customer” or “guest,” denoting a more long-term relationship or a more intensive service provided, the goals we curate when dealing with them are the same. We want them to be happy, and we want them to come again.

Leaving your clients with a friendly, positive impression of the service they received and the communication you gave is a good way to secure future business, but it’s also a good outcome to chase in general. This leads to good word of mouth marketing, positive reviews on your business pages, but moreover, it’s just a nice thing to achieve as a business. No firm wants to operate, become very successful, while also leaving a wake of annoyed clients and mistreated people in their wake. After all, success is often predicated on actually gaining favourable impressions of your brand.

You’re probably convinced of this by now. But how can we achieve such an outcome? Let’s consider that below:

Uniform, Professional Invoicing

Of course, we do expect our clients to pay us, but we don’t have to be overly aggressive about it. Professionalism is the way to guy, such as by offering worthwhile, easy to read invoicing forms that itemize costs and encourage them to pay sooner rather than later. Perhaps if they pay immediately, you can levy a very small discount to incentivize them. If they take some time paying, then a couple of light, friendly reminders are perfectly acceptable too, before any further action might be taken later on.

Aftercare & Insurance Packages

It’s good to make sure that you check up on your clients, especially if you have an aftercare policy in place. For instance, a month down the road, you might ask them how their roofing system is, or how their driveway is doing. If they haven’t contacted you, then this can be seen as a pleasant amount of outreach. You may even offer insurance packages where for some time after, their warranty allows you to come back and fit a repair for that nominal fee. Having these options that help extend the relationship in good faith make a big difference.

Thank You Efforts

Ultimately, a client has chosen you to perform work for them. That’s quite nice. They could have gone elsewhere unless you offer a highly specific niche service, which is unlikely. A simple thank you, a card, or a pleasant word and a handshake makes all the difference. A thank you email, a note with the invoice, or at least calling them after the fact and thanking them for their custom, especially if they took a chance on your new business, is absolutely a fantastic place to start and achieve. You’d be surprised how well this can work.

With this advice, you’re certain to leave your clients with the friendly, positive impression that improves the world a little bit and also inspires them to use your services once more.

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