The Real Reason Why Seemingly Simple Stressors Are Draining Your Wellness Reserves

September 15, 2021

 For most of us, stress management is a delicate balancing act that allows us to draw on all of our reserves to not only cope with everyday concerns, but also with bigger-hitting stressors. Unfortunately for those of us who already feel like we’re juggling more balls than we have the arms for, dealing with stress isn’t as easy. In fact, when your wellness reserves already run dry, any added stress can send your delicately stacked lifestyle crumbling. Here, we’re going to help you to better prepare for all of the stresses that you may potentially face by considering, realistically, why stress has been left to so severely drain your wellness reserves in the first place.

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You’re dealing with a pile-up

In most cases, daily stress takes the form of various little events such as upcoming outgoings, fast-approaching deadlines, and so on. Taken one at a time, these issues are largely manageable. Yet, when they’re left to pile up, it’s far more likely that your stress levels are going to spiral and leave you feeling strung out. To avoid this, it’s essential to write to-do lists and generally get organized so that you can meet these challenges as they arise, making you better able to clear deadlines by the end of every day, manage your budget, and generally give yourself at least a little stress-free space in which to focus on wellness during your evenings. 

You’re too involved to find feasible solutions

Regardless of the scope of any stressful situation, there’s likely to be a feasible solution. Whether that comes in the form of a conversation with your boss about knocking back a deadline or taking the time to find a company that we will pay top dollar for your trade vehicle or other assets to simplify out-of-reach purchases, it can prove to be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, the involved nature of most stressful situations can prevent us from even having enough distance to see these clear paths through, leading to escalations and, ultimately, limited solutions. By taking a step back, either through outside opinions or mental space, it’s far more likely that you’ll be able to clearly and calmly solve stresses of all shapes and sizes.

You aren’t dealing with the root of the problem

Typically, stress-based overwhelm is less about specific situations, and more about something deeper that’s left you feeling overwhelmed in the first place. In some cases, this can simply be a lack of self-care that meant your wellness reserves were empty even before this situation escalated. In other instances, it may be that something more serious is going on, like anxiety. In each instance, it’s only by realizing and addressing these underlying problems that you can better prepare for whatever life has to throw at you, and develop the wellness reserves necessary to keep calm regardless.

Wellness isn’t a guarantee, and stress is never linear. Make sure that one doesn’t unravel the other by implementing these pointers as soon as you notice even simple situations starting to overwhelm you. 

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