Here's How To Avoid Taking Health & Fitness For Granted

September 17, 2021


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Even the most accomplished athlete will have those days where they feel like doing anything other than working out. This is perfectly natural, because without the hunger of completing a goal (or actual hunger, which is what defined the physical exertion of our species for thousands of years), it’s easy to think that laying in bed for an extra two hours sounds much more preferable, especially on rainy mornings.

If you find that your discipline needs a little bit of a kickstart, and you need to provide yourself a small fragment of tough love, then realizing why you shouldn’t taken health and fitness for granted is essential. After all, if you’re able-bodied, and have the ability to go to a gym such as Fitness 19 and work out, you’re more fortunate than many people out there, and squandering this opportunity could be considered more than a silly move.

In this post, we’ll discuss how the power of removing staying fit and healthy for granted can allow you to keep yourself in check, to attend that planned workout even if you don’t feel like it. Without further ado, please consider:

Set Up Your Goals As Necessary

It’s a great idea to set up your personal goals as necessary. If you don’t have goals,you can often find that exercise becomes a ‘take it or leave it’ thing you do when you want a certain pep in your step, or when you want to lie in a little more. Knowing that a goal you’re searching for and have deemed worth the candle is in reach, you’re less likely to ignore steps on the way to get that. This can help you realize how lucky you are to even have a goal in sight, as this gives you direction and the means by which to discipline yourself.

Meditate On Your Purpose

It’s important to know what you hope to seek in getting fit and healthy. Might it be that after a year of lockdown, you put on a good amount of weight? Well, that’s understandable. But it can be healthy to sit back and think about what carrying this weight is doing for you. Might it be that you’d feel infinitely better losing it, or at least making the effort? Might you start by not picturing yourself as a failure and instead realizing that a gym is your friend and not a harsh instructor? This kind of understanding will help you feel a sense of purpose you have cultivated for yourself, not what someone else has given you. It will also help you feel more powerful in your decision making as appropriate.

Identify What Fitness Gives You

Understanding what fitness gives you and how it helps you feel is key. Measure how you feel on the days you don’t work out compared to the days that you do, or how you feel when stretching properly compared to when you don’t. You’ll notice that working out can often stave off symptoms of depression or feeling lethargic. It helps you get better sleep. It allows you to feel your most confident and connected self. That’s not anything to take for granted. Fully paying notice to these sensations can help you avoid taking these benefits food granted. Working out for mental health is just as necessary as working out for physical health, and noticing that will no doubt help you see how useful it is.

With this advice, you’re sure to stop taking health and fitness for granted, even on those days where working out doesn’t feel too exciting.

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