Signs You’ve Taken On Too Much Responsibility

September 15, 2021


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Taking on responsibility is part of being an adult. But at what point does all of this responsibility become too much? In agreeing to take on extra work roles or favours for friends and family, we can sometimes end up overburdening ourselves and burning ourselves out. It’s important to know when you’ve crossed the line and when it’s time to start delegating some responsibility or simply saying no to ‘favours’. Below are a few signs you’ve taken on too much.

You have no time for yourself

Having free time is important for your own self-care. If you’re constantly rushing around doing things for other people - whether it be your kids, friends, family members or customers and colleagues at work - you could end up neglecting your own health and happiness. We all need time to ourselves to de-stress and focus on our own passions and interests. If you feel like you rarely ever have time to yourself, it could be time to start making this time. Booking days off work and arranging childcare could be a way of giving yourself this free time so that you can practice some self-care. If you check out this dentist in Stockton CA, they'll also tell you a quick visit to a medical professional could also do some wonders

These self care tips and ideas could be worth a read. Even if helping others is your passion, you still need time to practice self-care so that you can be in your best condition for others. 

You feel out of your depth

There are times when we have to learn quickly and adapt. However, there are also times when it’s important to admit that you don’t know what you’re doing. Taking on tasks that you don’t feel qualified or competent in can lead to big mistakes being made. In these situations, reaching out for help is important - whether you’re struggling to take on a project at work or struggling to take on a DIY project at home. Don’t take on jobs you’re clueless about just to impress people or relieve other people’s burden.

You’re rushing tasks to get them done (and the quality is slipping)

When you have lots to do and tight deadlines to reach, you may find yourself rushing tasks in order to get them done. This can cause the quality of the results to slip. You could find yourself receiving more complaints at work and you may feel that you never get a sense of reward because you yourself are never happy with the results. This could be a clear sign that you need to take on less - possibly delegating more tasks - so that you can slow down tasks and put more effort and attention to detail into each one. 

You’re falling further and further behind

Does your to-do list keep growing? Does the laundry pile keep getting bigger and do the unread emails keep increasing? Do you feel that you’re constantly playing catch-up? This is another sign that you’ve taken on too much responsibility. When this happens, often the only thing to do is to ask for help. You can either take on tasks together with other people or delegate entire tasks. This will allow you to catch up so that you’re back on track. 

You’re physically and mentally worn down

Responsibility can be physically and mentally draining. Taking breaks from responsibility in order to relax is important for avoiding ‘burnout’. Burnout is when your body and mind forces you to take a break  - you’ll likely feel so sick and tired from exhaustion that you’ll have no choice but to take time off work or get family and friends to help with childcare. It’s important to schedule a break before it reaches this point. This way, you get to schedule a break at a time that is convenient for you, rather than having to skip an important event because your body has decided to give in. 

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