caravan sonnet shoppe

September 2, 2021


I am SO excited to share a new shoppe that I have been working on over this Teachers Pay Teachers shoppe- Caravan Sonnet Shoppe! This has been a project that has been thought through for over a year now & it is so exciting to see this come to pass!

Caravan Sonnet Shoppe is full of colorful and creative middle and high school resources that are inspired by a love of adventure, learning & suspending beautiful moments in time.

I have always loved color and as a travel blogger I have been enthralled with the beauty of the world in which we live & love to bring those colors into my classroom and teaching resources. 

This wouldn't have been possible though without the encouragement of my students- specifically those from last year who kept saying, "open a TPT store and sell your PowerPoints and creations". I kept pushing it aside until I started to think and hope that it might help someone else in their teaching journey. So THANK YOU classes of 2021 and 2023...I love y'all so much ❤.

As with each of my shops, this shop will also donate a portion of proceeds to charity and I am excited to share more about what that will look like in the coming weeks. 

I hope you will take a moment to check out the shoppe (click HERE), follow along, & let me know your thoughts!! Thank you again for your support!!❤

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