A Romantic Road Trip Along The Mountain States

February 20, 2021

 The Rocky Mountains offer the ideal background for a relaxing and romantic couple road trip. The Mountain States, so called because they include the eight states that contain the Rocky Mountains chain, present such a vast diversity of climate, wildlife, and landscape that it can be hard to pick a single destination. But that’s probably why you should consider a road trip rather than limiting yourself to only one destination. Spread across Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, the Mountain West is one of the most diverse regions in the US, and that makes it one of the most exciting trips too. 

So where do you start? Ideally, you want your trip to take you across the range of the Southwest region (Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Nevada), Intermountain region (Utah, Nevada, and Idaho), and Front Range (Northern New Mexico, Colorado, and Southern Wyoming). Yet, depending on the duration of your trip, you may have to choose a few highlights to make the most of your road tour. Here are some of our favorite places to relax on your romantic Rocky Mountain holiday. 

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Your romantic suite

Let’s be realistic: You don’t want to go camping when you can pick a cozy Denver accommodation with whirlpool baths in Colorado. Don’t get us wrong: There’s a lot of fun in camping. Yet, the Rocky Mountains spread across eight states so that’s a lot of driving. You want to be able to relax in the evening, preferably inside a jacuzzi tub for all those sore muscles! 

In the Intermountain region, Idaho has got some breathtaking getaway spots, including luxury heated glamping in a yurt set at the heart of nature. The yurt stay is best suited for a winter trip as you can enjoy looking at the snow from the warmth of your accommodation. 

Breathtaking views

If you are traveling during the warmer months, we strongly recommend heading to the mesmerizing Colorado Plateau, which spreads across several states. The climate there is semi-arid but with a lot of desert vegetation. If you’re going to familiarize yourself with the greenery in these regions, you should add the Wildflower Loop Trail in Arizona to your trip. This will take you to the heart of a botanical garden that is filled with desert plants. It is a gorgeous sight to behold, and you can try to spot similar vegetation in the wild desert areas in Arizona and Colorado. 

A dinner in tete-a-tete

Last but not least, there can be no romantic trip without a romantic restaurant. When you’re on a road trip, though, you may not be in the mood to dress up for a fancy stay at a Michelin-starred venue. Yet, there are plenty of beautiful places around that will not require an overly formal dress code. A nice frock and a clean pair of pants will do the job, and you can even dine on a rooftop patio, such as Plonk locations in Montana. 

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We recommend a handful of road trips to make the most of the Mountain States. There is so much to see and do! But one thing is for sure, make sure to book some romantic stays in hotels and restaurants along the way. 

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