Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments to Try

February 11, 2021


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Going to a beauty salon and having treatments is something that makes you feel good. From facials to massage, the beauty treatment is personal to you. While you may have your own beauty essentials, you may also want to treat yourself to salon treatments. Below are some non-surgical beauty treatments you may not have thought about and want to try. These are often referred to as aesthetic treatments that can all be done by your local beautician. There are over 77,000 beauty salons out there so shop around to find one that can undertake the specific beauty treatment you are looking for.

Shaping and Sculpting

Coolsculpting fat freeze and reduction can be undertaken on different parts of your body. The idea is that fat cells will be frozen and then the device will melt away the fat. This procedure is also used to tighten the skin and encourage collagen too. The procedure can last up to 30 minutes.

Lip blushing

Lip blushing is the process where they use semi-permanent lip stain on your lips. A bit like a tattoo. You can enhance the shape and color of your lips through this procedure. There is some downtime to having this procedure, but it is suggested that you will have fuller, plumper lips afterward.


Laser facial treatment

Undergoing laser facial treatment can help with skin imperfections from large pores to acne. It is relatively painless and you don’t need any downtime. There is some redness after the procedure but this isn’t noticeable. The procedure involves a laser wand that is moved all over your face.  

Chemical peels

Another face treatment which involves a procedure that removes dead skin cells from your face. This allows new skin growth which is often brighter and youthful-looking. There are different strengths of chemical peel that can be undertaken quickly, however you are best recommended to try a patch test before undergoing this treatment. You may require some downtime as your face will be red and if the strength of the treatment is high, it could lead to your skin peeling.


If lines are an issue, you may consider Botox. This has become a very popular procedure as it can be undertaken relatively quickly and is painless too. Botox reduces wrinkles and lines and can make you look instantly younger.


Cheek fillers

As well as Botox which is often targeted at the forehead and lip area, you can have cheek fillers too. This will help with having defined cheekbones. These injection fillers are becoming popular, especially as people no longer wish to undertake a full facelift. 

Body contouring

If you are concerned about cellulite then you can undergo a procedure called body contouring. Pads are placed on key target areas of your body, you are connected to a machine where your fat cells are heated up. This procedure helps improve the look of your skin, making it smoother and tighter. 

Brow lamination

The process involved is rather easy, your brows are coated in a lotion that makes them stand up. This has the effect of giving you thick brows. There is a downside to this and that’s the chemical used on your brow. If you have sensitive skin you may want to consider an alternative or at least ensure you undergo a patch test first.

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