Wildflower Loop Trail, Desert Botanical Garden, Arizona

May 17, 2016

When I was in Arizona two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden. I had been to the Desert Botanical Garden when I was a young child and was anxious to go back. Due to my limited energy levels I only went around the Wildflower Loop Trail and it was gorgeous. 
The Desert Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located in Phoenix and has been designated as a "Phoenix Point of Pride". 
The Desert Botanical Garden was founded by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora society in 1937. Two years later it was established and the garden now has more than 21,000 different plants. Over 1/3 of these plants are native to the area, including 139 plants that are considered to be rare, threatened or endangered.
There are plants that do come from other desert conditions (or plants that can adapt to desert conditions) from around the world including some from Australia and South America.
There are 5 unique trails in the Desert Botanical Garden and as I mentioned I chose to visit the Wildflower Loop Trail. This trail is the perfect "fit" for those who want to see the Desert Botanical Garden but might not have a lot of energy to explore the whole site. The wildflower loop trail is close to the entrance and does offer a couple of shady areas to stand in and has a place to sit.
The Desert Wildflower Loop trail highlights the wildflowers of North American deserts. I had read that at different times of the year there are not many flowers, but going at the beginning of May was the perfect time to visit. There were tons of flowers that were in bloom and the place was simply gorgeous. I also have to mention that going in the middle of the week (I visited on a Thursday morning) had very few people and crowds. This is definitely a wonderful time to visit!
For me personally the time spent at the garden was absolutely priceless. The Wildflower Loop Trail stands as a beautiful reminder that even in the desert times of our lives beauty can grow. If you get a chance to visit I can't recommend enough taking the time to see this beautiful site! You will definitely not regret it!

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