cozy luxury money series: rakuten review and free money for signup

February 6, 2021

 Caravan Sonnet

Happy Saturday friends! I am excited to start a new series here on the blog dedicated to cozy luxury money and how to bring in extra money during this extremely difficult times. I know like myself that money is extremely tight for everyone and I love sharing little ways that I am finding to bring in some extra income in these extremely difficult times. I hope that these easy tips on Saturdays are helpful for you and bring in some extra cash! 

I wanted to share some thoughts today on Rakuten which is a browser extension that you can place on your computer or phone. (You can click HERE to receive $20!) When I first heard about it I admit that I was skeptical because I don't believe in receiving "free money", but a couple of years ago I signed up because they were offering $5 just for signing up and I thought "why not"? 

What I have discovered in using this app over the last couple of years is that it is not a scam, but a business that can help you save or earn money by using it. In short, Rakuten is an affiliate marketing company that helps you earn cash back by shopping through their site. Depending on what you purchase online you can receive 1%-40% back on your purchases. You must be 18 years or older to use Rakuten and the list of partnerships that they have is vast with over 2500 retailers. In fact, just this morning I needed to purchase something for my classroom for an upcoming game and I ended up purchasing it through WalMart (which is one of Rakuten's retailers) because the price was better and I would receive cash back. 

As an affiliate marketing company the retailer will pay them a commission to be advertising for them and then you receive a reward for purchasing off their site. Once you accrue a certain amount of money you will receive payment from Rakuten in one of two different ways. They will mail you a physical check or you can have the balance sent to your PayPal account. 

One downside to Rakuten is that they only pay you on a quarterly basis and you must meet the threshold or you will have to wait for the next quarter payout. The threshold is that you must make at least $5 in the quarter, BUT you will not lose your money if you don't make the threshold so it will accrue with the next quarter's earnings. Here is the payout schedule below:

Purchases Made January 1-March 31st: Paid: May 15th 

Purchases Made April 1st- June 30th: Paid: August 15th 

Purchases Made July1st- September 30th: November 15th 

Purchases Made October 1st- December 31st: February 15th 

The easy thing that I love is that the Rakuten extension will pop up if they see that there are rewards that you are eligible for so there is no extra work on your part! 

ALSO it is entirely free to use and there is no fees or hidden costs and so this is a wonderful little bit of cash back during these difficult financial times! 

Signing up is incredibly easy and all you need to do is provide an email and create a password. There are NO requirements to link bank accounts, etc. You will need to provide a mailing address or a PayPal account to get paid, but other than there there is nothing to it and it took less than 5 minutes! AND like I mentioned above - they have provided me with a code that is easy to earn $20 - simply click HERE, sign up and you will receive $20 once you spend your first $20 which lets be real most of us spend a LOT on the internet- so it is like getting $20 just for signing up! I have never seen such an offer (the highest I have ever seen is $5 which is still amazing, but this is great!) 

Let me know if you have any questions and I am excited to dive more deeply into this series with you in the coming weeks and months! Happy Saturday friends! 

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