Types of Healing Crystals to Use in Yoga

October 16, 2020


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 Yoga practice dates back to many centuries ago and has been associated with spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. It comes in several different forms, and one can quickly adapt to the practice to meet specific needs and intentions. Being the flexible practice it is, some people strive to enhance it by incorporating some various aspects.

 Among the enhancements that people embrace are healing crystals. They're believed to be the keys to enhancing spiritual bliss and can be used in several ways to strengthen yoga. While these stones come in many types, some yoga enthusiasts recommend some specific, powerful options. The selection is based on the meaning and power associated with each crystal. 

Crystal Quartz
Crystal quartz or clear quartz is used to promote clarity of mind. It also enhances spiritual growth and inner strength. As you meditate on it, you'll experience an amplification of energy or intention. Therefore, it's used to align all of the chakras and is incredibly impactful in deepening your meditation state.
Amethyst is a crystal known for its versatility. It's powerful yet calming. When you use it during yoga, you're sure to find peace and calm. The calming aura enables you to let go of the feeling of anger, anxiety, and resentment. As you let go of the emotions, you start to truly engage with the practice that allows you to find inner balance and peace.
Hematite is the perfect crystal for people with internal struggles and can't find balance during yoga. The stone possesses a grounding form of energy that helps bring back sharp focus to the task at hand and centers the mind to the earth.

 This grounding energy provides the much-needed concentration to engage in yoga practice fully. You're hence able to follow through with each pose and draw the most out of each.

Rose Quartz
The rose quartz crystal meaning refers to self-love and compassion for others. Its symbolism is credited with the ability to help you become more patient and accommodative of other people. It's also useful in helping you heal past emotional wounds and hence a perfect companion for anyone struggling with a lack of forgiveness for other people. 
This crystal is associated with prosperity, success, and abundance. You can also use it in meditation when your intention is joy, wisdom, happiness, light-heartedness, and peace. The stone can be used to enhance creativity and inspire a more positive mental attitude. Harness the power of warmth, inspiration, and clarity to help you through a challenging yoga session.
Final Thoughts
You can enhance your yoga practice with the use of healing crystals. With all the crystals available for use during yoga, you increase the chances of your intentions being met. Ensure you know what each represents and meditate on that, one rock at a time. For the best results, ensure you incorporate the stones into your daily lifestyle. The more you use them in meditation, the better they infuse what they represent into your being.
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